Learning/training for the "lazy" person & business owner



I've recently read "moonwalking with einstein". I thought it was a great book. I currently help run a company and can see sooo many real world applications to some of these techniques.

But… I’ve not found a good comprehensive course on this… that doesn’t feel sleezy :P. I want to got through this and want to be able to recommend this to my friends, partners, employee’s.

Paid material has its place

When I search this forum, I see a lot of answers like "don't buy x product, there is much better info on this forum." Paid material has its place, especially if its organized well. Think the business world.

I want to give my employee’s/partners/kids the opportunity to grow without having to put together a course from research in this forum.


Does anyone have any good recommendations of a book(s) or course(s) that is decently comprehensive with good drills/training? I'm fine paying money... I just feel like Jim Kwik is pretty yucky feeling. Ron white seems ok, maybe I should just get his black belt course.

What does lazy mean

Let me define what I mean by lazy:
  • I don't want to research the hows, techniques, etc... I want someone to tell me drills to do, and how to do things.
  • I don't want re-create the wheel. So many people already have some great systems that seem barried in this form and wiki. "I use pencil for the number 1"... great. I'll use that too!. I don't want to develop my own system, I'm fine with yours.

I’ll do the work, I’ll practice/drill/etc… but I don’t want to spend time researching everything :P.

Some of my goals:

  • Remember peoples names the first time
  • Speed up my memorization of scripture (the bible)
  • Be able to remember the weekly stats/results of marketing/budget/etc... for my company. Target and current reports
  • be able to remember every employee's (under me and that I'm developing) current person and business goals.

Low dollar proposal :P

To make this fun, $10 bucks for the most comprehensive answer. Bonus $5 if it is appropriate to put employee's through it and easy to assign to them to work on. :P I'm the judge and final decision, ha.


There simply is no lazy, quick, easy way to learn mnemonics since we’re not robots but that’s how a lot of Memory masters sell their products-all sizzle no steak. Even Kevin Trudeau had a memory book and he’s in jail now for fraud for making false claims in other books the FDA deemed to be harmful.

I do think it would be a great idea to have a book filled with drills. The last book I purchased was Nelson Dellis’s book, Remember It. I’m not just saying that because this is his forum or he asked me to. I genuinely believe it’s the most comprehensive book on Mnemonics. The only drawback is there are no drills. Why don’t you create a book yourself?


Rising Sun… thanks for the reply.

I know there is no quick way, thats why I tried to describe what I meant by “lazy”. I don’t want to write a book, I run a business and that’s where my time is best spent.

Learning to manage your money is also a lot of work, but Dave Ramsey has done a good job teaching it in personal setting (financial peace university) and in business (smart dollar) and he his company is doing quite well (800+ employees worth almost 250M).

I’m essentially looking for the training side of things that I can do and provide to my employee’s.


Ok buddy, I have a better understanding of what you mean. You want the course to be specific to business operations. So you’re looking for a systematic across the board one-size-fits-all method. You give them a number rhyme system and they must use that one? Or would you let them come up with something they can more easily remember?

I mean you could provide a PAO system but the numbers you come up with are easier to remember for some than others. creativity is a very subjective activity. That’s the only issue I see you running into but if you don’t care if an employee changes a PAO system then it doesn’t matter. For example, Nelson, uses Charlie Brown for 32, but I’d rather use Chris Brown because I remember his dancing and beating up Rhianna. lol. It just sticks in my mind better. I like the direction your going.

Please keep writing so we can discuss this more.


I think the question is fair enough… “lazy” in this case is just a word to describe efficient and effective. So like you said @RisingSun, you got your person for CB and Nelson got his, but in the end it’s both based on where the letter occurs in the alphabet. If you start looking around you run into exactly the issue that @that0n3guy mentions: in this post is says alphabet in the next major system, the next wants you to use Dominik, etc. You mention PAO, others do PA, or OO.

The basics are:

  • movement in space (memory palace)
  • replacing abstracts (thinking in images)
  • establish connection (linking image to place)

Now obviously, that’s only high level, so next you need to apply it to the specific setting with a certain goal in mind. No need to remember a list of U.S. presidents (maybe to understand the concepts) if you need to remember your top 10 key accounts or the names of sales mangers in your various offices. But a course teaching how to memorize a deck of cards (even though using the same techniques) is not what he’s asking for.

You’re right that personal images are more memorable but whether 32 is CB as a person in your system or MN (major codes) as a person in somebody else’s or even MN as just “moon” as an object (done, no PAO) is not really relevant. Yes, there are preferences when it comes to competition but a simple OO system that everyones uses (so new hires could just get trained on the same images) would suffice.

Also be nice to have someone having knowledge of basic financial tools like income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, ROS, ROCE, etc when discussing mnemonics with them. You can read the Latin alphabet… doesn’t mean you can speak every language that uses the Latin alphabet. People that can relate to the subject can help you with better mnemonics than people that don’t have a good understanding of what’s being memorized.

Given those constraints however, I’d say there’s only two option. Get a 1-on-1 training yourself for a trial period of a couple of weeks, so that you can do a better selection for the individual topics… financial KPIs is different from remembering names and faces. Or get in a 1-on-1 trainer for individual staff that you want to build up.

Afraid that either way, you’ll have to go with a real person rather than a book or a program if you want to be “lazy” about it. Or pick someone you think is qualified to do a 1-on-1 personal training and then let them select the appropriate course on your behalf if you are too time constraint to do it.