Learning the Law / legislation in general

(Silvio B.) #1

I’m currently trying to learn knowledge about law and jurisdiction in general.

I use several memory palaces, each one for a specific law (for example the Swiss Civil Code, The Code of Obligations, Swiss Civil Procedure Code etc. are each in a separate palace). I use my PA system to encode the §§ or Articles and just try to come up with images for the matter they concern. So far so good (and easy to learn).

Now I’ve wondered how I can connect the different laws with eachother for specific cases.

For example:
If there’s a court decision of the Swiss Federal Court I need to learn, that concerns many different laws and regulations, how do I do that in a way that doesn’t make it too complicated?

I’ve tried two ways:

  1. I tried to connect the palaces with a specific symbol (an iPad) which leads directly to the locus of the other law that I need to know. With a lot of connections, this gets a bit messy very quickly though.

  2. I also tried to use a completely different memory palace for the specific case and just “copy” the images from the main palaces into that smaller one, so everything that belongs together is in one place. But with this approach I also needed to have some way to tell the different laws appart (for example; there’s an Art. 216 in the Civil Code as well as the Code of Obligations, and since they are no longer in the distinct memory palace, I could confuse them). So I tried to do that with colours. The people from my PA system were wearing something yellow if it was in the Code of Obligations or something blue for the Civil Code. My problem here is: the colours seem to fade very fast in my memory palaces.

My approaches seem to work “okay” but I think there must be a better way to learn these kinds of things.

I’ve been wondering if any of you have learned similar things. If you have any suggestions on a more efficient/easy way, I’d be happy to hear them.

(Josh Cohen) #2

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