Learning Spanish

I’d like to learn Spanish from zero and spend my all free time for that (it will be usually 20-30 minutes a day, sometimes more). How should I do it? Maybe using applications like duolingo? I want just to acquire basics and learn as much as I can, in order to begin since July as hard as I can. It is only for myself. Maybe could I learn just vocabulary? I know a lot of English words, some of Latin and of course Polish, so learning it wouldn’t be a problem at all. So summarizing, what’s the best way to spend this 4 months learning Spanish? It will be inclusively about 50-70 hours.

This is totally doable. If you have any inclination for language, you can learn a lot of Spanish in the time frame you describe. I’ve been approaching Spanish this way for a couple of years, and now Mandarin with more intensity.

A book that is sometimes recommended on this forum is Fluent Forever, and I’m halfway through reading it now. I see that I’m already applying many of the concepts presented in the book, but I learned a few new things too.

But to get started right away, I would suggest downloading a shared deck for Anki and just start doing the practice every day. Decks that focus on phrases and sentences are usually better because you learn vocabulary and grammar in context.

Use Google Images as often as possible to quickly add an image to every flashcard, this will help retention immensely. Use this add-on to copy/paste them so the size of your images isn’t too large and burdensome. If you can find decks with the audio already added great, if not, add the audio to the flashcards using a text-to-speech (TTS) add-on. Spanish is fortunately easy and predictable to pronounce, but hearing the audio every time will help retention in the long-term.

There are other good supplementary ways to get a better grasp on the language, and at some point you may want to do some grammar study, but doing the Anki cards every day will get a lot of Spanish into your brain in the least amount of time. I’ve never used Duolingo so I can’t speak for it. I think for people who find Anki intimidating to use, Duolingo may be a better route, and will accomplish a similar goal. For me I like the flexibility of Anki to add anything I want, and display it in any way I desire.

Hope this helps!