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I’ve long been very interested in learning an entire movie script and in another language, to add the complexity, and I’ve been trying to get started in that endeveour without much luck in the past few weeks and I am interested in anyone that could possibly lend me a hand in terms of pointing me in the right direction.

The movie is Das Leben Der Anderes and I would like to learn the entire script.

I have thought about chunking the script, take it in 30 minutes interval - but that is just too much. I reduced my ambition to first 5 minutes, but that too is too much. I have so far gone thru the first 1.5 minutes - a little more than a page. I should mention that I am not a native german speaker, although I have basic speaking ability and somewhat greater understanding prowess.

The technique I use is a combination of repetition and writing down the lines on an index card. I put the index cards in a memory palace and from there I tried to build it into a story but I am stuck.

I’ve thought about using a combination of mnemonics devices and maybe some type of number thing… Idk. I am good with numbers and I can easily remember number so why not leverage that, so I thought but I’m just stuck.

As you can read, I would appreciate any and all help that you guys can provide me with.



I have few questions about it before I suggest some help.
1)Do you want to memorize it in its default language(german) or translate it into english and then memorize?
2)Do you want to memorize it word for word? (If so, it may take few months)
But if you condense the script then it will be much easier.

I can’t really help you on this since I never really memorize anything word-by-word, but you might find some helpful posts when you search the forum for “verbatim”.

  1. I want the german script. Not the translation. I have learned the translation already (a good portion of it).

  2. Everything! Word for word, sylalbles, syntax, nuance and even the commas.

Reason I want to do it is because this is how I learn language fastest and best. You know the movie Happy gilmore with Adam Sandler - that taught me english in less than 2 month! American English! I learn a movie and then learn about 3-5K words and that’s it. I know the language WITH specific accent!

I WANT to learn the Das Leben der Anderes. ALL OF IT! No part left behind.


ok. will look into it. thanks man!

I’m guessing “Other People’s Lives” ? A movie about the Stasi and East Berlin? Great movie.

As a way to learn a foreign language, I think this is an excellent approach. You want to learn sentences, phrases, speech patterns. IMO this is the right approach.

IMO, perhaps not the quickest, but the easiest way to learn something like this is to have it playing all the time in the background - or as much as you can. You don’t have to pay close attention most of the time. You can be thinking about and doing other things. Your brain will listen and wire itself up to the language.

This is a technique I discovered for myself in learning foreign languages. Your brain is designed to learn any language or manner of speech it is exposed to. It doesn’t need prompting. It will do it on its own if given the chance. It doesn’t happen as fast as it did when you were a child but it still works.

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ehm… that is an excellent point! “playing all the time in the background”. while reading, running, working out at the gym etc. and work on the word and sentence thing on the side and given enough time - it will stick. has to!

i dont like doing mundane things and i dont like shallows and stuff like that. this movie, i have discovered, is somewhat tilting toward my personality of totality. “all the time”

excellent point!

Thank man!

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I think you’ll find it having an effect even in a few days, even if right now you can’t follow a word.

Listening to an unfamiliar language can be tiring at first. When you feel you’ve had enough - take a break. Don’t let yourself get sick of it. One’s tolerance builds.

I also suggest you watch as many German movies with subtitles as you can. Das Boot comes to mind if you can get the undubbed version.

Good luck with your project.

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Today I’ve been doing some of that and I will continue doing that during the weekend and this is going to be intensive.

Thank you for your great input. :slight_smile:


It seems like you’ve found your best way to memorize. So, I’m not going to anything more otherwise it may hinder your memorization. All the best​:v::+1::ok_hand:

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@centermin has found a solution, but in case other people are attracted to this thread by the title, I’m giving a link to a Reddit\Anki post:

Scroll down to a post by one of the Anki big guns, @ijgnord, which starts:

  • Addons only work for the classic anki version which runs on windows, mac, or linux.

The link to “Cloze Overlapper” is by yet another big gun, @glutanimate.
You should visit all the links in the post by @ijgnord


you are a gold mine, Sir!!

I did the background all the time thing today and it’s hammered me. i feel drunk and stuffed at the same time but results will not come over night i guess so i stop complaining and think of a beautiful german girl instead.

in the mean time, i have looked some more and found this article: https://hubpages.com/literature/How-To-Memorize-A-Poem
it’s about how to remember poems. if you think about it, poems are kind of like script lines and if i think of each script page as a poem… then it’s a series of poems that I need to remember. will try if off tommorrow. but still some sort of loci will be needed for each of the poems to be knitted together. a coherence story of sorts… idk… that’s tomorrows problem.

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I revisited the Reddit post again to see if I could use any of the verbatim add-ons myself.

At the end of the thread, there’s another high-quality post from @dedu6ka. (If you intend to use Reddit\Anki, you should remember these handles).

BTW, the link to Anki 2.1 add-ons is here:


Search for LPCG

Tha Apple app in the thread looks interesting. It’s free, but maybe a bit old (2015). I didn’t download it.

Footnote: How to Win Friends and Influence People

The response by the Reddit OP (@Steakmeat) to @ijgnord post is the most ungrateful response that I’ve seen on any forum. Not a word of thanks. Just “Never mind”. What an [common US term removed].

@ijgnord might have spent half an hour writing that post. There are four links that he had to find and read first. The post is gold dust. Similarly for @dedu6ka post.



really thanks man!!

i am just strating out the day. had breakfast, the run, some meditation and scrolled thru the news and now German :slight_smile: haha

wrt people being ungrateful, well… this is internet and you really dont know anyone - really. but i have it as a general rule of thumb to never write anything that, should i be confronted with it, would be embarrassed by it. but that me - that’s all.


Let us know how you get on.

Apropos of other methods: My suggestion is not exclusive and can be combined with other techniques.

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I will! Absolutely! There are so much misconceptions about language that I feel I need to do it just for sake of it.

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