Learning German vocab

Hi everyone, I’m new to German and I wonder besides gender, do we need to remember how to form the plural of the word???
In the dictionary, it has two form represented which is genitive plural forms, nominative plural form, and irregular form of the plural. How should I deal with it?

:christmas_tree: I’ve read a post of PauloPalma and he said that for the verb, he divided it into 4 categories: Irregulars with auxiliary sein, irregulars with auxiliary haben, regular with sein, regulars with haben. If anyone has read that post, I don’t quite understand how to categorize those. In the dictionary, they represent it as first person singular of the imperfect and third person singular with haben or sein. Maybe because I’m still not come to the grammar part yet, please can someone explain to me how to deal with the categorize that he said.
Please answer, thank you so much. Cause I feel so stupid now :sob::sob:

All this additional information that comes with the vocabulary is only meaningful if you know the related grammar. Makes sense that it doesn’t make sense to you yet

Not sure why two is not good enough here, but that’s okay… sein (to be) and haben (to have) work in a similar way to English, French, etc. You use them to build some of the past tenses. E.g.,

I’ve been running
I had been running
I (to) have (to) be (to) run

Without going into any details about the grammar, but you see how both of those sentences use the same verbs (as far as their infinitive form) but have different meanings.

Just like in English:
I have one car
I have two cars

…and tons of other grammar stuff… with German, the vocabulary is the least of your problems.

Thank you so muchhh