Learning German and individual verb forms - noun changes

Hello people, I’ve just joined here and I’d like to ask a very quick question,

I’m doing my best to learn German and with the association - loci - memory palace techniques combined, I tried a little bit to memorize few verbs. I’m working my way for a major exam so I need things to be cristal clear… Anyways, there are situations like this,

ab-bestellen - abbestellte - hat abbestellt

having to learn all three for just a verb looked/felt overwhelming, because having to do just one is fine, but more than one is hard… I’ve searched all around the forum but haven’t seen anyone with this issue. What are your advices?

So is the issue that you need to learn different forms of verb or that those words are similar to each other?


Hello Parkouristx,

To make things very simple to understand, I have to memorize 3 forms of verbs that are somewhat similar, but sometimes very different, things can go crazy like " nehmen - nimmt - genommen "
as well as their verb type (3 options) and whether they take a preposition or not

this is one verb with every single detail, in total that’s about 5 objects per word. Is this way too hard to deal with especially for a beginner? What can I do about it?


Ah okay. I don’t know how the German language works. In Spanish, there are verbs that can end in er, ar, and ir. There are standard changes to the verbs that happen depending on how many people are doing the verb. When it comes to learning a language, it is better to memorize the system of the language over each single thing. Do you know what I am saying?