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Hello, I’m from Brazil. I’m starting here to learn more about techniques of memorization to keep learning English. I need to improve my vocabulary, and I believe that Mind Palace can help me. I already found many tips here. I started memorizing 20 digits of PI number by videos on YouTube.


Tudo bem Lucas, bem vindo à nossa comunidade

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Obrigado! Thank you! :wink:

Opa, seja bem vindo Lucas!
First of all, I do not consider myself in any way fluent in english. But over the past few months my passive vocabulary has increased a lot.
My advice might be a bit boring, but I do NOT recommend using a memory palace for passive vocabulary.
The reason why is because it is very good to memorize, in an orderly manner, things that are related to each other in a “linear” or “predictable” way. But words arent like that (unless you are talking about Specific vocabulary for a field like Mathematics). Consider increasing the amount of complex input (videos, audios and texts). Whenever you find a word that you dont understand, look it up in the dictionary and create a list for new words. When it comes to memory, you can create associations for every new word with its "translation" in pt-br. Review them (...). And also, when youre reading/listening make sure you really understand the input.
(O input só vale a pena se vc de fato compreender o que está entrando xD)
And of course, if you want to write, study grammar. (cause I didn`t and you can see how that looks like xD)
If you want to increase active vocabulary, I am afraid I cannot advise you :c
I am sorry for my english, and I hope I could help you!

{…Eu estou estudando algumas outras línguas, se quiser a gente pode trocar umas idéias, sla…}

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Hello, thanks for your advice. Great tips! I’ve been absorbing a lot of English content and using mnemonics to memorize vocabulary, I’ve also been trying to memorize words that make sense for me to learn, always in context. I believe that the memory palace can help me in this regard as well.
Then I come back here to tell how my evolution has been in this direction. :smile: