Learning a number/card/binary system

Forgive my ignorance, for I have generally used mnemotechnics for non-competitive (learning) uses.

How did you mentathletes out there learn your system?

Did you decide on images for each number first then ram them in using Anki/flashcards? Or was it a gradual process?

Does your card/binary system use the same images as your number system?

Do you use a different system for each discipline (e.g. Category for cards, Major for numbers)?

Did you start out at two digits then move up to 3, or did you just go straight to 3 digits/2 cards?

Did you find it difficult to change system once you had learned another system? Do you get interference from the first system?

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Many use the major system of something similar, so when we start out if we forget a code we will remember through the phonetics. So once the system is made you don’t have to spend much time if you use the major system.
Most start with 2 digit then upgrade to PAO or 3 digit.
I included my old images in my new system so no interference


I am using different system for different like you mentioned,

Pa - cards (currently practicing, still 1 card method)
Well, I didn’t practice pao yet.

Numbers - I moved to 3 digit system directly without practicing 2 digit system.

Well, it’s only a matter of practice, you can do better after some practice with any system. (That you think this system suits me).


Is it difficult to change system once you had learned another system? Do you get interference from the first system?

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I started with PAO. I just wrote numbers from 00-99 in Evernote and tried to see my images everytime, when I read them.

There is no need to use different people for numbers and cards. Just use Major or Dominic system to connect them.

You can achive great results with any method. Just find your favorite and keep practice.


For turning your cards into numbers read niklas’s post on a simple cards system here Easy 1-Card system to start with
For royals you don’t need extra images you can just read the image value first instead of suit. This is what I do. @AttiLa-24


I use my own associations for royal court. Queen of spades is Monica Bellucci, jack of hearts is Ben Barnes, queen of hearts is Mylene Demongeot and so on.


There is a technique that easily forget about when people start a new system. Try to keep 0-9 super familiar to you!

Whenever you are stuck with a two digits, over a second. You can break the 2/3-digits into 1-digit scheme.

eg 34 56 70, can’t think of obj 70, then use obj 7 and 0! And do extra review on obj 70 after the game.

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