Law memorization

How to memorize legal bare acts? For example - S. 300 of the Penal Code is murder and punishment is 20 years.

Hi Mrudula

One way to do this is via the Major system to make numbers into consonants, then make a memorable-to-you ‘picture’ to remember it forever.

In your example 300 is MSS and 20 is NS in the Major system.
So, what Pic would you use to link those 2 numbers, together with the actual legal facts, together?

My pic -

M (I) SS (k) N (ow) S too much, so she got killed.


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Noted. Major system seems to be the way to go. Thanks.

Try this: The Lanier Verbatim Memory System | Part Three: LAW TEXT MERMORIZATION and this: Assistance with memorizing Law - #3 by Aero031

If these are not what you’re looking for, there are a lot of posts about law memorisation and I’m sure you’ll find an answer. Search results for 'law' - Art of Memory Forum

Excellent Mrudula that you too find the Major system useful
I’ve been using it for many years now
And, what Pic would you use to memorise the facts you were referring to?

Wow this is exactly what I was looking for. To memorize the gist of the law along with the section number. Thanks.

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No problem! Good luck :slight_smile: