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Hii everyone, i wanted to memorize 3 law books, but problem is that each contains section number, is there any method to memorize sections of different books but the number got repeated 3 times because the books are 3 ?

When I memorize laws, I just use a specific memory palace for each law. So for example: The journey from my home to my workplace contains the Constitution. The memory palace I created from the video game Fallout 4 contains company merger law.

Personally, I wouldn’t try to memorize different laws in the same palace because it would confuse me.

How you memorize section s whuch are in number , dont they get mixed up, for example article 5 and section 5, of various law books ? In simple words if i want to memorize section 5 of mergers and article 5 of Constitution how u picture ‘5’ ?and how u differentiate them ?

My approach is quite simple:
For titles, chapters, sections, subsections etc. I have a dedicated image that I add to the number. This way I know that the number doesn’t represent an Article or § (for these I just have the number + the image that tells me the content of that Article or §).

For example:

  • Title 1: Dr. Pepper can (= title) with a candle stuck in it (=1, number shapes) + image that tells me what the Title is about
  • Chapter 1: A book (=chapter) with a candle that tips over and burns a page of the book + image what the chapter is about
  • Article 1: just a candle + the image for the content.

Article 5 of the Constitution is differentiated from Article 5 of the company merger law by just being in a different memory palace.


Thank u … For ur precious time…i m going to try ur approach with major system

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