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Hii everyone, i wanted to memorize 3 law books, but problem is that each contains section number, is there any method to memorize sections of different books but the number got repeated 3 times because the books are 3 ?

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When I memorize laws, I just use a specific memory palace for each law. So for example: The journey from my home to my workplace contains the Constitution. The memory palace I created from the video game Fallout 4 contains company merger law.

Personally, I wouldn’t try to memorize different laws in the same palace because it would confuse me.

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How you memorize section s whuch are in number , dont they get mixed up, for example article 5 and section 5, of various law books ? In simple words if i want to memorize section 5 of mergers and article 5 of Constitution how u picture ‘5’ ?and how u differentiate them ?

My approach is quite simple:
For titles, chapters, sections, subsections etc. I have a dedicated image that I add to the number. This way I know that the number doesn’t represent an Article or § (for these I just have the number + the image that tells me the content of that Article or §).

For example:

  • Title 1: Dr. Pepper can (= title) with a candle stuck in it (=1, number shapes) + image that tells me what the Title is about
  • Chapter 1: A book (=chapter) with a candle that tips over and burns a page of the book + image what the chapter is about
  • Article 1: just a candle + the image for the content.

Article 5 of the Constitution is differentiated from Article 5 of the company merger law by just being in a different memory palace.


Thank u … For ur precious time…i m going to try ur approach with major system

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Hello Silvio,

This is a great approach. I’m also having a hard time memorizing text books oer subject. How many palaces do you create per subject?

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I usually have one big memory palace per law. Sometimes I add some links to other (much smaller) palaces, especially if I need to add specific information that doesn’t really fit in the main palace for that law.

If a law is too big to fit in one palace, I sometimes split it up into multiple palaces according to the structure of the law itself and then link these palaces together in the order in which they appear in the law.

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Thanks for your advice. How do you store your memory palaces? In order to memorize law provisions and cases you need to have tons of memory palaces. How do you organize your palaces and locate them when needed? I have read that organizing them in excel maybe a great way to arrange locations. Do you also do that? Thank you!

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I keep an excel file for all my palaces, in order to have something to fall back on if I ever forget to review a palace properly.

But usually, I don’t need to organize the palaces in a special way: When I think of a specific law or case that I stored somewhere, my brain just jumps right into that palace without much effort. Sometimes I dedicate a unique image to a specific law to always represent it, so I can link to the palace that contains that specific law via this image in any other palace, if necessary.

Do you review your palaces with spaced repetition? That’s probably one of the most important things, if you’d like to keep it for long term.

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