Latest achievement

Hello guys,
It’s been a while since I’ve created a topic. 2020 was a difficult year for me and people close to me, covid was unfortunately just one of the many issues.

2021 is gradually getting brighter and I thought I could share a recent small achievement of mine with you all. Currently I am studying for a test that I have to take in a few months, if I pass I can go to college. In order to pass you have to learn around 350 concepts from a civics book with ~185 pages.

I’ve had some trouble finding the motivation to study, 2020 left a decent mark. But I know that the test is important so I decided to slowly built my motivation by doing something fun, as a way to get used to studying again.

I decided to memorize the book, word by word.

Right now, I learned around 150 sentences, containing around 2300 words. It took me around 5-6 hours. I would learn 1-2 hours, leave the book on the table for a week or so and then learn again. This was spread out over 4-5 weeks.

As usual I did this without mnemonics. I could’ve probably memorized half the book by now if I learned daily but this was just for fun. I won’t study the whole book this way. When I actually start to study I’ll only learn the concepts and leave the rest out.

I plan to post more things on the forum again and be more active in the community in general. I actually am trying to figure out if I could organize a small tournament with prizemoney in the near future, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. The memory/mental calculation community is the only community that I ever felt connected to and I want to give something back and help it thrive.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to future conversations!


What happens in your head when you do these large scale memorizations, and have you been tested to be a savant?

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Not much happens. I just do rote memorization when I am learning the text.

The only trouble I have is in keeping the order right but this is often easily solvable by looking at the structure of the text. For example if I memorized a piece of text that said the next chapter is about 3 concepts then I can view the next chapter as 3 parts, seperated by the 3 concepts. Books often have a logical structure to them and that helps me recall the order of information.

Unfortunately there is no general official test for savant syndrome. It is just a name for certain people. However I do fit the description and past psychologists have said that I fall into the category. Mainly because I also have autism.

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Have you reached level ten in memory league numbers?

No, not yet. I did reach level 7, 40 digits in 60 seconds. I think I can memorize 50 digits but I don’t think I can memorize 60 or more digits in 60 seconds.

My only level 10 is in images right now.

Nice, have you tried memorising a book before?

No, I don’t think so. I have however memorized 100% of texts before like for tests in middle school. Instead of learning a summary, I would often learn the whole thing, just to guarantee that I got a good grade. I procrastinated a lot back then, I was dealing with personal problems and depression. This was before I knew I had autism. Only now do I realize that passing tests by memorizing a whole chapter the night before is not normal. I had classmates who studied hard and had to redo a whole year while I was skipping classes and not even doing any homework unless the teachers forced me to and I still passed, until I dropped out.

Interesting, you could become more famous than daniel tammet.
By the way I saw your mental calculation stream can you do some more

We are not very fond of the DT-word here, haha. His story and abilities aren’t very consistent.

I enjoyed doing livestreams and I’ll probably stream in the future again but I don’t plan on doing one any time soon. At least not a solo stream. I already got offered help from former world memory champion Johannes Mallow with organizing my tournament so you’ll most likely see me live there, if it goes through.

Memory or mental calculation and in person or online?

It will be an online memory tournament.