Large pre-existing lists

It came up in another topic, but I think the idea is very fun to think about and to share.

Basically, I would love to see a lot of large, pre-existing lists/groups of people, objects, creatures, or whatever to be able to be used for P, PO or PAO systems (or similar). If you happen to know large groups usable for systems, do post them!

Periodic table of the elements.
The table houses 118 elements, of which most can be turned to or seen as a certain object (like a balloon for helium and the Hindenburg airship for hydrogen)

A list often mentioned here consisting of 802 numbered pokemon, and also a lot of unlisted pokemons and/or alternate pokemon forms. Most are very distinguishable by looks, though some are rather similar. Outside of the pokemon themselves, the series also houses dozens of human characters that can be used.

A cartoon similar to pokemon, with also a lot of notable creatures and humans. While I don’t have an exact number, it does run into the many hundreds of creatures.

Smaller series than the previously mentioned, but still with a notably sized and numbered list of robots, of which most are very distinguishable. Besides that, it also has a few dozen notable humans.

Game of Thrones cast
The Game of Thrones has seen many characters come and go, with dozens having a part in multiple episodes.

The Walking Dead cast
Similar to the previously mentioned, The Walking Dead also has lost and gained numerous characters over the years, making for a large cast.

Star Wars species
As a large, detailed universe, the Star Wars series have a lot of species, of which only a few ever made it to the big screens.

Star Trek races
Just like star wars, star trek too has gained a lot of variety in species and races over the years.


I’m not a sporty person, but if you had jersey numbers between 00-99?

I am working on a Marvel superhero list. They often have very distinct looks and also some unique actions. And as a bonus more sounds to link them to. For example Cyclops is Scot Summers (so that gives you three possible places to put him in a phonetic system). I have a list of X men (70), but I have not assigned them to numbers or cards yet (but that could also be an advantage). How best to post these list. Just in this post or as a file.

You can post lists in the forum and/or the wiki (if you want to collaboratively edit the content with other people).

Here is my list of x-men. Format is : name -real name - distintive feature/pwer. Hope this helps. I did not assign them to cards or numbers yet. I use this pinterest list for the images ( They are in totally random order, but it works for me.

I am not making a PAO list, but I like images that are versatile. It helps me filling the loci with images. For example if I want to put Yoda, wolverine and Kate Middleton in a loci. I would have Yoda with wolverine claws stabbing Kate Middelton.

Professor X-Professor Charles Francis Xavier-Cerebro helmet, tubes
Cyclops - Scott Summers - Beam of ruby
Iceman- Robert Louis “Bobby” Drake - Surfing on ice
Angel/Archangel - Warren Kenneth Worthington III - Metalic wings
Beast - Dr. Henry Philip “Hank” McCoy - Blue fur
Phoenix - Jean Grey-Summers - Fire wings
Magnetrix/Polaris - Lorna Dane - Magnetic field
Havok - Alexander Summers - Plasma blasts (white circles)
Petra - - Earht manipulation, (eg flying on a rock)
Sway - Suzanne Chan - Time control
Darwin - Armando Muñoz - Reactive evolution
Vulcan - Gabriel Summers - Energy manipulation (eyes)
Nightcrawler - Kurt Wagner - Prehensile tail,
Wolverine - James “Logan” Howlett - claws
Banshee - Sean Cassidy - Sonic scream, flightsuit
Storm - Ororo Monroe (formerly Iqadi T’Challa-Wakandas) - Weather manipulation
Sunfire - Shiro Yoshida - Mask, fire manipulation
Colossus - Piotr Nikolaievitch “Peter” Rasputin - Metal body
Thunderbird - John Proudstar - Blue-red suit Proud
Shadowcat - Katherine Anne “Kitty” Pryde - Phasing
Lockheed - - Small dragon
Rogue - Anna Marie - White lock of hair absorb
Prestige - Rachel Anne Grey - Red-yellow suit
Magneto - Max “Magnus” Eisenhardt (alias: Erik Lehnsherr) - Bending metal
Longshot - - One eye lights up
Psylocke - Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock - Purple blade from hand (psychic knife)
Dazzler - Alison Blaire - White seventies suit
Forge - - Metallic limbs
Gambit - Rémy LeBeau - Quarterstaff and playing cards, purple explosions
Jubilee - Jubilation Lee - Yellow raincoat
Bishop -Lucas Bishop - Dreadlocks, red cape
Cannonball - Samuel Zachary Guthrie - Flying (Fire from waist down)
Joseph -Joseph - Long hair
Dr. Cecilia Reyes - Cecilia Reyes - Defensive shield
Marrow - Sarah “Rushman” - Bones sticking from body
Caliban - ??? - Albino
Maggott - Japheth - Releasing maggots
X-23/Wolverine - Laura Kinney - Blade from foot
Cable - Nathan Christopher Charles Summers - Metal arm, gun/revolver
Sage - Tessa - Red glasses
White Queen - Emma Grace Frost - White coat mental
Chamber - Jonothon Evan “Jono” Starsmore - Energy from mouth
Stacy X - Miranda Leevald - Snake like skin
Lifeguard - Heather Cameron - Golden skin
Slipstream - Davis Cameron - Surfs on energy
Northstar - Jean-Paul Beaubier - Black and white suit, shoots flashes of light
Husk - Paige Elizabeth Guthrie - Sheds skin to change appearance
Juggernaut - Cain Marko - Unstoppable charge
Xorn - Shen Xorn - Skull-like helmet blue eyes
Mystique - Unrevealed (alias: Raven Darkhölme) - Blue skin
Warpath - James Proudstar - Native American, warpaint
Lady Mastermind - Regan Wyngarde - Black suit
Sabretooth - Victor Creed - Claws and neck
Omega Sentinel - Karima Shapandar - Cannon arm
Armor - Hisako Ichiki - Psionic body armor
Hepzibah - Unpronounceable - Skunk tail
Pixie - Megan Gwynn - Insect wings
Karma - Xi’an “Shan” Coy Manh - Cybernetic leg, mental possesion
Sunspot - Roberto “Bobby” Da Costa - Black heat
Aurora - Jeanne-Marie Beaubier - Similar to north star
Domino - Neena Thurman - White skin, black eye
Magma - Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla - Transform to living magma
Blink - Clarice Ferguson - Teleportion (purple holes)
Deadpool - Wade Wilson - Really ugly
Toad - Mortimer Toynbee - Tongue
Pyro - St. John Allerdyce - Fire from hands and backpack
Callisto - - Tentacle arms (due to masque)
Multiple Man - Jamie Maddox - Multiplies
Quill - - Porcupine like quills from head
Kid Omega - Quentin Quire - Purple mohawk
Arclight - Philippa Sontag - Shatter objects, white light
Syrin - Theresa Rourke Cassidy - Screams and destroys
Glob - Herman - Translucent skin
Medusa - Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon - Controlling her hair, long red

How about countries of the world, in a continent, states of the US, cities in a state, or counties in a state?

I am using the counties of the state of Texas to file away memories. 254 in all.

When I have a subject I want to learn more about, I come up with a picture for that subject, then have it interacting with the image for the county.

For example, if I want to work on Vocabulary, I attach it to Victoria county (nearest in proximity alphabetically). Then the first image in my list interacts with the image for Victoria.

For my Client list, the first image in the client list (Kirby the Mario character) receives a lump of clay being thrown (which is the image for Clay county).

Entrepreneurship? Put that in Ellis county!

Formulas? Fort Bend works as a good anchor.

In this way I have an alphabetical index. 254 counties is a bit overkill for what I’m doing, but I’m more scared of not having enough space than too much.

I did make a PAO list based on countries. The country was attached to a number and the PAO was something that fit that country. For example Serbia (04), Nicola Tesla, lightning, skull tower. I never used it but is was fun to make that list.

Seems I forgot about another list that I mentioned on the forum before:

The SCP series
A growing list of fictional anomalies that is created by the SCP community, creative minds who can do the thinking for us. I have not read through all 3000+ entries, but the ones I know about could be great additions for a system, if not making up the entire system. Some are harder to turn into images than others, SCP-001 seems to have no specific form and SCP-055 is all about being unknown, if anything about it is able to be known, it is just not there (try imagining that), while SCP-230 for example is described into great detail. (male Caucasian, lean build and gaunt appearance, 185 cm, 68.04 kg, early thirties. Wears bright clothing, prefers the colors pink and yellow. Very cheerful individual who appears to be incapable of negative emotions.)

I find toys or collectibles a good choice for pegs/loci.