Large numbers

I couldn’t find any help on memorizing imprecise large numbers that I see in the news and wondered if anyone else had come up with a method to do that.

Numbers up to one thousand are usually precise and need no reduction in precision but after that common numbers involve a name of a thousand, million, billion, and more. Sometimes there’s a decimal point involved.

In this first attempt at a system you’ll notice that the name of the scale is almost a full visual sentence (subject-action-object) which will combine with the associated digits to be stored. In my story to visualize the digits and units, the units of information usually come first. The suffix image tends to come second in my images to at least get the scale correct. Then the detail of the digits are last.

Let me know if you have any other systems you have used or think there could be some modifications to this system. Thanks.

Scale Memory image Metric prefix
decimal point a pebble (thanks, @Josh)
thousand using a key to get a pail of water to douse a fire kilo
million one Trump supporter (MAGA) at a windmill milling flour mega
billion two ducks (bills) honking at and kicking each other giga
trillion a trio of opera singers trilling too long causes the conductor to tear up the music score tera
quadrillion four dancers doing a quadrille with small dogs and cats peta
quintillion Roman statue of memory teacher (Quintilian) orating holding up one hand making an X in the air exa
sextillion a sextet of acne faced (zits) musicians playing the sax zetta
septillion nurse giving blood transfusion for sepsis to Yoda yota

Example: current population of the world 7.9 billion (7.9 gigapeople) = two ducks honking and kicking each other on a globe at a hawk who is dropping pebbles on their grass pie.


I need a more detailed explanation of your example. :slight_smile:

Example explanation:
ducks bills honking and kicking = billions (giga)
globe = world population
hawk, pebble, pie = 7.9 (Major system)
grass = Elaboration. I just think ducks like to eat grass.

@markmcg, if you have a number you’d like to have me translate, I’d be happy to do that to give you another example.

Ah! I didn’t realise that you were using the Major system for the units. It all makes sense now. Thank you :slight_smile:

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