Language PAO-system

Hello everyone,
I have a little side question about the PAO-system. I’ve started recently with creating a two digit PAO-system in english, but I wonder if it’s not better to do it in my native language.
What do you think about that? Would it be best to use english or still your own language?
Thanks for the input!


I only have 2 weeks experience, so take my words with that context.

To begin with there are two points I’d like to consider:
(1) Does your language use similar phonetics to English (eg. A Western European language likely would, an African language likely would be quite different)
(2) Are you using the major system for Actions and Objects as well, or only People? Some people, myself included, use the major system only for people. In this case the language you speak is relatively unimportant if you decided to stick to Western Celebrities.

A potential downside may be the effort of finding your own major list and starting from scratch. Many people look at others major PAO lists for inspiration. If you did it in your own language would that mean needing to put more work into building the system or adapting it to the differences of your native language.

Out of curiosity what do you speak?



I think using your own language would be the easiest. However, after drilling and using and drilling some more, the PAO system will be its own language. For example Fred Rogers means 40 in my head. I created my PAO using a visual major system wherein F=4, R=0, but I don’t really need to use those facts when seeing 40 or recalling an image of Fred Rogers.

Perhaps someone more experienced can chime in as well.


It doesn’t really matter if you use English or your own native language. The main thing is to give a unique person to every number from 00-99.

How similar is your native language to English? Do you share an alphabet (like your language uses A-Z)? In that case it would be a bit easier. You could even mix English and your native language. If your native language is for example Chinese or Arabic, then there will be less in common. Here I’d advise sticking to one or the other as the two languages have little overlap. There are also intermediate languages like Russian, which is similar enough to English that it could work, but different enough that you may need to get a bit creative.

Really, it depends on what your native language is and how easy it would be to adapt the English system to it. In the long run however, it doesn’t matter. You do what your brain prefers.