Kwik Learning

Have any of you guys heard about this?

I just stumbled across it the other day. Granted, it is probably a lot of techniques we know just presented in a different way. I found it interesting the companies they say recommend them and yet I haven’t been able to find anyone chatting about Kwik Learning on here.

– It is very expensive FYI –

Any opinions?

Well packaged for HR and training departments in corporate environments. In fact, many many years ago a similar program, less slick (think they used papyrus) introduced me to mnemonics, mind maps, mental math etc etc, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Just a thought, In a post I can’t find right now, someone was asking about practical applications. What to learn, or how to apply the techniques in the real world. I think the Kwik curriculum offers a lot of suggestions. It may be helpful to check the site for topics of interest. If you find a good idea, use the resources here to build the practical skills.

Sounded promising until I saw the price. Just no, there is no way this material is that much better than what’s available for free and in decently priced books. The only advantage is that it’s all packaged together, which is great for those not interested in investing time in research, or for stuff like dinob mentioned.

Probably a good product, possibly worth it for delivering this course to staff and such, but doubtful that it’s worth it for an autodidact who isn’t rolling in cash.