Keeping up with palaces and faster generation/retrieval

Hi everybody,

I have been playing around with memory palaces and number-systems for quite a while now, but I never seem to get significant progress.

My main problem is, that I either start studying memory techniques - or actually studying the required material and both it’s application.

So I tend to do the later in the spirit of ‘cannot lose anymore time’ and end up with half-done things.

I tried to concentrate on few palaces with very powerful details, but still ended up, actually ‘engraving’ my required knowledge via “rote” learning into the palaces, basically creating additional work instead of making it easier or faster.

I then tried to focus on the faster part - but this has not worked out either. I stabilize on plus/minus 10 % of the original time it took me, to recreate those paths.

I have been at my latest attempt for two months now and I keep failing -
does anyone have an idea, how I could go about this in a more structured way, in which I generate actual progress, instead of going slower every day and not learning new things?

Of course the retrieval process makes me so tired, that I usually end up just relying on rote learning the rest of the day…

Thank you and have a good start of the week!

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all you have to do is make up a memory palace like pegging system, Pao,
image, pronounciation system , there are a lot so try them out

Thank you for answering.

I have a system based on numbers (Major to 999) and I have some palaces.

The information I encode though is not ‘even’ - it’s a mix of words and numbers. I made pictures of certain key words to be able to faster reproduce them, but they get lost or mixed up often.

When I finally have a system in place - which I do for some items - it is very slow and I have a really hard time focusing to reproduce the information - I often get lost in thought.

On a side note: I worked on this every day for 2-3 hours, so it is not like I do not see, that I need to practice.

I might have expressed myself not clear enough; the problem is not the ‘what’, it is more the ‘how’.

why don’t you keep a poster of your memorizing system

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Well I could try that, thanks.

I keep personal journals with drawings in them…

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