Keeping track of your times

Hi everyone,

Keeping track of my times is what has kept me interested in the memorization hobby.
For reasons that I cannot explain, I have progressed apparently way more slowly than the average person on this forum. However, because I keep track of my memory times, I was always been able to detect noticeable improvements, months after months, year after year.
Keeping track of times also allows you to notice quite quickly if something new you are doing is having a positive impact on your memorization. For instance, as soon as I got back to work last month doing much physical labor, I was able to detect a marked improvement in my memorization times. This was crystal clear when I compared before going back to work and after. So keeping track of times is not just a good motivating factor, it is also a key indicator of how other things that are not directly related to memorization can affect your ability to memorize.

Keep track of your times!


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Good idea… :slight_smile:

Time logging is a very good technique indeed. I use to keep track of time

Could you elaborate on your workflow using Toggle for memorization tracking purposes? I was experimenting with stopwatch apps that have logs database, but I am looking for something better.

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