Keeping my dream journal in code

I have been more interested in dreams, so I have started to create a dream journal. I am concerned that people can read my dream journal, and sometimes very private things are in my dreams. Living in a shared house, I am worried that my dream journal can be read by others. I thought that I could write my dream journal in a kind of code, but I’m really not sure about how do it. Should I write them in plaintext english, then copy them into code and destroy the original.

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How does that solve your problem though? I mean, I guess it depends on what you mean by copy them into code but if you are talking about something automated on the web that encrypts it for you… you will need a way to decrypt it… and if it can be descrypted then it can be decrypted by other people too.

How is decrypting your data to read it any different from reading your data in plain English? If you are concerned (and so for good reason) that the latter might be an issue, then what assures you that the former is by any means a higher level of protection?

I don’t know. I suppose I’m just trying to find a way that allows me to externalize my thoughts and dreams while keeping them private and encoding them was the first thing that came to mind.

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What about getting a little (and potentially low-cost) safe? Or just a lockable desk drawer or file cabinet?

It wouldn’t be secure against someone who had knowledge of ciphers, but some kind of cipher would protect against a random person casually reading your journal if they found it.

Here’s a book on ciphers and codes that is less than USD $5. I have a copy and it’s interesting.

I haven’t watched this video, but flipped through a few segments and it looks like it describes various ciphers.

You could make it even more secure by creating an alternate alphabet by associating your own characters with English letters (or whatever language you’re using) and writing the cipher output in your undocumented, personal letter system.

(Caesar ciphers are too easy though, because there are websites that can decrypt them. I’d choose one of the harder ones.)

Or just use an existing writing system like Devanagari and write phonetically.

If you prefer your characters a little less connected, go with either hiragana (rounder) or katakana (edgier)… pick whichever suits your writing style better… if you feel super creative, go hangul and make up your own cv or cvc characters.

Taking this route you’d also lay the groundwork for learning a new language at the same time.

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You could write it in ‘diary software’, of which there are quite a few I believe. The entries are encrypted on disk, and the diary itself is protected by a password.

You could also use ‘vault’ type’ software which encrypts and protects by password (or passphrase) everything in an area of your hard drive (or cloud). In which you could record the entries in word or other standard software.