Just started

(Zen) #1

Hi guys n gals

Just started doing memory stuff. Finding it great fun but a little difficult. Got 1 memory palace set up. I tend to forget my first image if I go over a certain amount tho. I’ll keep at it, hopefully this will be a practice thing?

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Practice will help. You could also make multiple passes while memorizing. Place the first five images. Then review them. Place the next five images, then review the 10 previous ones. Then place the next five and again review the 10 previous images, etc. As you try a few variations like that and figure out what works best for you, you can customize the technique.


Do you mean “a certain amount” of reusing the location? How many locations do you have in your memory palace? If you only have 10 and you memorize something followed by recall, then memorize over those locations and recall again, and so on… then you’ll get images “ghosting” in that location or you will forget what you put there for sure.

Or do you mean… once you get to your 50th location, you forget what you put in the first one when you say “a certain amount”? How big is that memory palace you got?

(Zen) #5

I have 45 locations set up
So if I try to remember say half a deck of cards by the time I reach location 26 iv forgotten what was in location 1.


How much interaction does the card have with the location? You shouldn’t just have the location be the backdrop but rather have the card interact with the location in different ways depending on the context of the location.

Also, try two cards per location instead of just one… that way you can more easily reconstruct the memory in case parts go missing.

…how long does it take you to get to location 26? If you don’t know your system well enough and you are thinking about the card image for too long before you even place it and move on, then that could also be an issue.

(Zen) #7

Roughly 2-3 minutes. I find once I manage to jog my memory and remember the first one the rest are fine. Thanks for the advice I will try some interaction with my location and started doing to cards per location pa system.