Just got my world rocked!

I came across all the memory mnemonic techniques and MOL not very long ago. i researched about it,learnt how to use it and gave it try by learning to recite the English alphabets backwards.
I was successful in the first quite easy it was
And to flaunt it i went around my neighborhood to knock on the doors of people who thinks they are better than me(ok i am jk…i like acting cocky imaginatively)
So i went around, did as i thought
Felt very proud and was looking forward to doing wonders with the explosive i just got
But then a small punny human shattered my dreams
Ohh not very shattery(:flushed:omg is tht even a worddd!!!) but like a dent in my wall of hopes
It was my 9yo sister
I wanted her to make her to respect me a lil bit more than she does now
So this felt like an opportunity…
I asked her and she flawlessly got the job done
I was wordbound
I was knocked done by an unforeseen tight blow to my face
I was disappointed in me…i felt bad to finally see the rust
I have a theory to Why i got called a “SUCKERR” by my lil sister but could be a lengthy procedure to justify how and why i was knocked out and to heal my ego to you all
Soo… enlighten me more to how she did this amazing unpractised feat
I would love to be feel good again abt me…

Always remember: when you think you’ve reached the top, there will always be someone out there which will be better than you, and also improving rapidly.

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