July Journal

Let’s see how the scores improve this month!

Spoken Numbers (1 second) … 220 digits (current best: 50 60 72 100 digits)
Historic/Future Dates (5 min) … 110 dates (current best: 89 90 98 dates)
Speed Numbers (5 min) … 450 digits (current best: 369 digits)
Speed Cards (5 min) … 29 seconds (current best: 35.94 34.93 33.98 seconds)
Concrete Images (5min) … 260 images (current best: 238 images)
Names & Faces (15 min) … 130 names (current best: 109 111 names)
Random Words (15 min) … 200 words (current best: 154 words)
Binary Digits (30 min) … 3000 digits (current best: 2274 2325 digits)
Cards (30 min) … 12 decks (current best: 10 decks)
Numbers (30 min) … 1300 digits (current best: 1146 digits)

Finally a PB of 60 in spoken numbers. I’ve got a long way to go in this event. I’ll start training at 0.9s from now on.

PB in historic dates, 90 of them! … which means that I’m finally going to get to see 110 dates instead of just 100, which hopefully will help me improve some more. A lousy Speed Numbers attempt, got completely derailled after the first two images … they happened to be the exact same ones that I got, get this, on the same locus just a couple of days ago … I thought something might have gone wrong with memocamp and spent the first few loci trying to figure out if I was just imagining things, trying to identify other duplicates, pondering if I should continue … I did continue, but wasn’t really into it, didn’t even encode 380 digits this time …

Half-expected PB in dates with 98! The extra 10 definitely helped, I didn’t have time to see the final 2 or 3, but now I actually will get 120 dates next time. Lackluster performance in numbers, maybe I should try to do some safe ones every now and then to remember how it feels to have 100% accuracy. Encoded 405 digits, two recall mistakes and four missing images: 388/393 for an evaluation of 205. I still don’t understand how people have time to do reviews when looking at more than 400 digits!

PB in spoken numbers with 72, almost got 80, which would have allowed me to move on to the next level. Otherwise, blah … not inspired when it comes to cards, and still blocked very close to 400 digits in 5 minutes, but there’s always something missing …

A rather good 362 in speed numbers, encoded 402 and had a few gaps that I was able to fill after going through half of my images and following some intuitions, there was only one locus that I couldn’t fill … turned out that it was an image which I actually quite liked during memorization and though “ah well, this one won’t be an issue” … I should maybe take an extra split-second on these “easy” images.

109 names in 15 minutes, which ties my PB.

Nothing good on the Cards front … I had a really good system review this morning though, I think that having to think of the linking messes up my reading+visualization rhythm. I need to somehow add this to my reviews, I think that I now know my individual images well enough, it’s all about efficient linking from now on, I reckon.

I couldn’t just let this be a day without a proper PB, so I went for a spoken number attempt and got a very smooth 80/80. Two images appeared twice, so that probably helped a bit!

Edit: ONE HUNDRED :slight_smile:

Starting things off with a not-so-great speed numbers attempt, it was in a new palace though, so that’s fine. Encoded 400 digits, got 364/376 with a few gaps here and there. I had to think a little extra in my transitions between loci and the linking to the loci themselves wasn’t good. All due to the fact that it’s a new journey.

New PB in Names and Faces with 111 in 15 minutes, barely edging out the previous one. Good.

Two succesful-ish attempts at cards, did the classic mistake of grabbing too quickly the end of the first deck, flipped a coind and got 50/52 in 42.91s. Second attempt, a good amount of images per locus, between 1 and 4 which resulted in a PB by one second: 34.93s and my first time under 35s :slight_smile: I have yet to test on a physical deck, postponing that all the time!

Did a bunch of visualization + linking drills this morning instead of pure visualization, it feels strangely awkward to do this outside the context of a one-deck memorization, which is a good sign, this will help! Also, TODO: add some more visual linking between original images and their shadows. It’s kind of a pre-visualization, i.e. I subvocalize and hence summon the original image, but if the image is supposed to be the shadow (second card is red) I have to rely on the semantic/logical association in order to conjure it up. It feels like having some kind of extra link between original and shadow does help seeing the shadow quicker. And I don’t have to worry that much about both images ending up in my stories, as I know that they cannot be both there at once.

Example of linking:

Original = a bone
Shadow = Cubitus the dog
Linking: the round part at the extremity of the bone morphs into the round nose of Cubitus.

Nicely over 6000 points with my best scores, I’ll keep training to reach higher heights before working on consistency.


A solid 94 dates in the morning, wanted 100, but it’ll have to wait some more. Two card attempts in the morning, both over 40s and unsuccesful … Two more in the evening, both under 40s and … succesful! 37.79s and 35.94s. That was after a glass of cider, go figure :slight_smile: Got close to getting a first sub-30s in Numbers on ML on two occasions, I have to dare a bit more. That’s probably a general statement for almost all events.


Catastrophic speed numbers, loads of gaps, encoded 400, it felt slow but went faster than I thought, still, not good at all …

Some good Cards though, four attempts, all four under 40s (best at 37.4s, slowest at 38.7s) and all succesful apart from a 50/52 with the still-funny coin-flip-due-to-not-checking-the-suits-of-the-final-cards …

91 dates, I had a few minutes left which I could have used to try and get a few more, but couldn’t be bothered.


Good speed number with 362. Could have been 402 had I not forgotten one image …

Good speed cards on 35.94s … except that it took the whole 5 minutes of recall to get it right, it would not have worked with a physical deck.

Not focused enough (or too ambitious) on words. Tried 180, got an evaluation of 130 due to a switch and other mistakes …

96 dates, solid, but no PB.


One 30-minute binary attempt … tried to go for all 3450 digits offered by memocamp, I had about 5 minutes to spare at the end for a review … was able to fill only 3126 digits, got 3091 correct ones but an evaluation of only 2325, that’s a PB, but far lower than what I wanted.

A couple of Cards attempts, nothing special, 39 and 46s.


Quite ok today, 376/381 with 402 encoded in my new palace, feeling more and more confortable in it. Evaluation of only 202 though. Two rather good Cards attempts on 37.1 and 37.6s with quick recall for both. I could probably have accelerated a bit in the second, but I was actively trying to link the first image of each chain to the locus, it has to become automatic.

105/123 names in 15 minutes, not much of an evolution in term of raw score here, but I feel more and more confortable with this event. I’m confident that there’ll be a breakthrough at some stage, not too far from now.


Quite alright today too. Not necessarily in term of points though. Speed numbers in my “good” palace gave out a 391/393 = evaluation of 282. One encoding mistake, that’s quite rare these days, forgot three images, I went through around 500 images before the time ran out and in the final 30s I actually found a couple images by purely focusing a little extra on the loci. I need to find the right balance between spending time on the loci and just reciting my system, but good to know I should at least spend an extra 5 seconds in recall on these difficult images.

Not lighting the world on fire with my Cards attempts, but all over them under 40s (35.44, 38.56, 38.88 and 37.39s) and despite a couple of mistakes, it felt like my stories were slightly better than usual and sticking to the loci much more than usual, promising!

10/17 succesful attempts this week, 13/17 under 40 seconds and actually better percentage for the sub-40 attempts (60% vs 50%) … this makes me think that I’m due an outlier attempt soon, maybe around the 32-second mark or so?!


A bunch of unsuccessful Cards attempts in the evening, six of them, between 32 and 36 seconds. A couple of them were close calls. I need to be failing, so that’s good, I guess.


Two successful attempts today and a new PB of 33.98s, second one was 34.95s, so all in all, a good evening :slight_smile:

Almost smashed my ML Numbers PB in training mode with 26s (versus 30s) but missed the first image, as is often the case for unsuccessful attempts (I need some synonyms for “successful” and “attempt” …)