JSL Fingerspelling Mnemonic Drawings

I would like to learn the JSL Fingerspelling Alphabet, and decided to improve my (as of yet nonexistent) art skills and put into practice one of the Mnemonic Aids mentioned in Dr. Lynne Kelly’s “Memory Craft” while at it. I will be drawing each of the hand signs for the kana on blank playing cards, five to a card (except for the obvious ones that will get three, of course) using Copic Markers.

I currently have four (Cyan (B06), Yellow (Y08), Magenta (RV09), and Colorless Blender), but I ordered a dozen more, eight of which are skin tones, which should improve the coloration of my hands. Hopefully I’ll be able to not only memorize the signs as I’m drawing them, but improve my drawing as well. I’ll post images of the cards as I finish them, starting with the one I did today.


I drew them in あいうえお order, and I think there was marked improvement throughout. I was surprised that I was actually able to get a semi-reasonable skin tone for the last four given that I was only working with the four Markers listed above.

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Interesting. I agree, you can’t get worse by practicing drawing skills :slight_smile:
it’s a good idea. I look forward to see the end result.

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I think my skin tones were worse this time.

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