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I am an artist from Raleigh, NC, I’ve been going by the name Jrusalam since I was 17. My pursuit of Lyricism led to Poetry and I desired to Remember my rhymes, poetry, works of Oratory which I composed, and I also desired the ability to write material directly into my memory and bypass the need to write, therefore I could constantly compose new material and hold it in my memory. But I had an issue, my memory felt stunted by a brain injury I sustained as a child when I drowned in a pool on my first day of summercamp. I was in a coma for a couple days and had seizures afterwards caused by the lack of oxygen. So it felt like it was hard for me to access my memory all the way up until I graduated High school and learned about the Art of Memory by Francis A. Yates in a general Psychology course I took at NCSU. I bought the book and almost instantly I began using the techniques of memory loci, creating interesting links to chain long streams of information together. I began composing material directly into memory before writing anything down, and cataloguing verses and songs in a rudimentary mnemonic system. I read about how Metrodorus and Bruno used the Stars as palaces, and I was struck by the brilliance of the idea, because using the Celestial sphere and it’s divisions as a memory system had a twofold purpose of not only improving the memory, but doubles as a functional and useful navigational and time telling device. I began by learning the zodiac and expanding outwards, identifying all the bright stars and constellations I could see with my eyes, but actually Seeing it in my minds eye was a struggle until I was initiated into a wisdom tradition and they taught me very useful Mnemonic devices involving the Hand. I then trabslated the Chinese system of hand mnemonics into a Western Celestial system, and then imprinted varying degrees of the celestial sphere into my fingers, and my hand became a mnemonic device, not only a navigational device but a calendar, calculator, computer, like many applications on a touch screen device, my hand became my interface to modulate my mnemonic system, and then once I mastered the hand and my mind’s eye, I expanded the method to my whole body. Whenever I touch my fingertips, I see the stars in my mind’s eye, and I can reckon the skeleton of the sky even when I cannot see it. After I learned the stars I wanted something more tangible so I learned all the herbs I could find, as if they were earthly stars. My system has evolved over the past 12 years into a real monster, and it is incredibly lonely when I don’t know anyone personally who is a real practitioner of the Art of Memory. So I am excited to finally connect with yall! Thank you for reading this!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

You’re welcome, Jrusalam (Tau-Ru)

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