Journey method not sticking for some reason

I feel like the journey method has worked from 00-20 for me. Now that I’m on 20, it seems that the locations on the street I’m using for 20-30 are too similar(Businesses mostly). I’ve done this for a few people(PAO) but I’m still having a little difficulty. For example, I remember where 23(Bill Cosby) is because he’s at a Harley Davidson store sitting on a motorcycle in handcuffs. Maybe that’s not enough action? I have Barack Obama in a strip mall but he’s standing in front of it throwing a baseball, hitting a windshield.You see, I don’t have a hard time remembering the actions, just the locations. Also, the characters are sometimes on opposite sides of the street. Like 24(Brandon Davis) has crashed his Mercedes into a pharmacy, but he’s down the street a few miles and across from 23(Bill Cosby).

I’m feeling frustrated and thinking maybe I rushed the creation of this journey too quickly because I can’t move back and forth between locations easily like I feel that I should be able to. I’ll keep working on it and let you know how it goes. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


Have you tried writing it down? I usually make a rough sketch of the locations and then practice walking through the journey before trying to memorize anything in it.

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I made a journey for all 100 people/actions/objects, too.

I‘ve started near my home and just went on until I had all 100 locations with the people. What‘s funny is, a few weeks later, when I drove that journey, I noticed that I had left a part of about 2 kilometers out. That part just wasn‘t memorable enough for me to realize that it was even there. But I didn‘t change my palace because of that. What matters is what‘s in my memory.

What I‘m trying to say here is: Use locations that come to you easily when you walk through the journey. It doesn‘t matter if there‘s a big gap. Being able to go through the journey quickly and to be sure of the locations is more important than the accuracy the journey compared to the real world.


If you can’t recall the order of the location, you need to work on a few things. That is the most important part, imo. If I was feeling like you, I would conclude that I had rushed things a little. I also like to have clear groups of ten’s. While learning, these groups can make it easy, ie 38 is -2 from the end of the third group. This can become a bad habit if your using the memory palace for speed events. Its just too much thinking. Eventually you should just see Bill Cosby when 23 presents its self, the palace is there to help, as a learning crutch and if you have a brain fart. But in practice, you should be forgetting about the palace for numbers and simply seeing the PAO. Practice is the only way to get there.