Today I shall start my journal.


I will train in both memory league and classical format, mostly going to post about how much loci I created and what I did and how much time I trained.
If you want to be accountable , feel free to use this thread

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Best of Luck… I am also a learner


Best wishes to you brother. I try to make many of my thoughts and memories into loci and connect ideas in my mind as they come. Like the keyboard I’m using now, I can turn that into a loci and connect it to other memories. Alright, I’ve use the keyboard here, in other bedrooms, on other laptops and in college and in school on different computers and keyboards. I can link all those together and that brings more memories and ideas to light which can also become loci. So basically all life memories can be loci and get more interconnected, and it can be kind of improvisational on-the-fly throughout the day. Anything I look at, it reminds me of other things and can become a loci or “room”

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Good Luck!

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Today I did a few words games , 42/42 in 60s to improve accuracy , other than that I did not do that great in speed due to spellings and hard words,

I also made some loci , and recorded a video to make more loci

damn thats insane , its hard to make loci out small things

I added about 100loci .
I tried cards and got 45cards in 24.67 secs. After doing all this loci I felt fatigued and bored, I attempted a few games but I didnt recall as I didnt feel like it

Today I played a few names games, I got almost 21, training Nepali Names makes English names easier.
I am taking a break from numbers and words for a few days.
Yesterday I got 47/48 words , a few mistakes - score 39 :frowning: lol.
I am going to make some loci or perfect loci .
Only Cards,names,images for a few days.
Need to fix my number system a little bit.

I am going to start classical training in a few days. So I need Loci
Right now goal is to increase loci as much as possible. No more training
Make around 1000 loci

I trained numbers ,cards and int names.
int names need review lol
numbers used 40bpm and got 65 , forgot 2 images due to 1image.
Cards wasn’t that great today.
I need to get sub 25s cards within a week

My words break is over, first 2 games was a bit bad warm up.
3rd game was good

Images I am safe to say I can do 30/30 in 18-20s, I need to go sub 15 soon

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Image 15. something all correct but misplaced loci .
Numbers 70 in 17s
I am taking a break for a few hours from everything

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I watched interstellar and tenet .

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I did a few games today , names mostly

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end of journal