Johannmlmstn From Australia

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are well and staying safe in these crazy times.

I am new and i have a dominic system up to 99 i have been using quite some time now. I really want to expand my skills in memory.

But i am just wondering if someone could give me advice on taking the tests?
Like for example…in remember faces…do u all use a journey all the time? Like every single time u take a test and remember 40 digits in 1 min or whatever…are you doing it with a journey? Or just using a link method with no location? Or another method?

Any other tips on improving speed?

I’m a bit lost on this site because in the memory training there are trainings u can do but it does not actually tell u how to train for them…its just like testing urself…like for example international names…how do i know what the best strategy is? Just linking it…or actually using a journey? …hope u all get what i mean.

Can someone more experienced please help?
Thank you all so much for your time.



It varies what method people use when memorizing the information. Usually for any card, numbers, words, or binary event, people use a memory palace to store the material. For names, most people just use the face to connect an image to. But I know people use a palace to remember the names as well. You have to experiment and see what methods work for you on the specific events. Like for words, I use a palace plus link method because I memorize 2 words per location. I make a little story between the words so I can remember the word order.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the reply. Ok i guess the best way is to give it a shot and figure out what works for me.
Thanks again. Really appreciate the input :grinning: