Jeff Hawkins: The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence (Interview with Lex Fridman)

Jeff Hawkins: The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence | Lex Fridman Podcast #208 - YouTube

I am in the middle of watching. Came across Jeff Hawkins’ research a couple years ago. He seems like one of the most interesting researchers on intelligence out there.

Memory palace looks like making your own model of reality. Once you become the creator of how your mind works, you train it on how to see things you assign in a specific object or subject or place or image, you can basically manipulte the way you think on the perspective of your reality, making things unique, novel and memorable. Creating things in your mind means building up your model or system of thinking. What is interesting to know is how we can come up with new things. You can use SCAMPER technique. Substitute, combine, apply, modify, magnify, purpose, eliminate/minimize and Rearrange/Reverse. Instead of looking into a water bottle, substitute another form of liquid you need to memorize and now you have created a new unique model in your mind. This would stick since you are the creator and will never be stolen from you.