Javascript Palaces

I know everybody’s thinking it, but I’m the only one saying it… Javascript is the best language for your effort… you can write web apps, offline and online mobile/desktop apps, server apps through Node.JS or GAS and even program microcontrollers… there is nothing that can be done in another language that cannot also be done with Javascript… but how many other languages can say they’re directly built into modern browsers like with Chrome Dev Tools or directly interface with html/css? This thread is meant to be a easily accessible reference for all ideas relating to Javascript and Memory Palaces…

With that out of the way, lets talk about some ideas. It might actually be a good idea to use entire locations instead of individual images for some of the concepts, like a circular intersection for a while loop
and then have all of the relevant constants and conditionals placed around the intersection… If you’re an admirer of Regexp, using a memory palace to memorize the keywords and then a few complex combinations would help.

Obviously a programming language is more about a particular way of thinking instead of just memorizing a bunch of stuff so the way these palaces are constructed should be used more for “internalizing” conceptual structures instead of entire files of code… In a real way, I’m suggesting to recreate a personal prototype structure for mental referencing.

Any specific associations that you feel are more memorable or instrumental than others? Any specific functions/logical structures you think could benefit others to “internalize”?

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Why don’t you just understand it instead of making it more complicated using memory palaces?

I agree memory palaces are a good idea for syntax or so, but you really need to get what you code

the possibilities are very exciting! I’m very interested in learning javascript. Right now I only have very basic knowledge of Python and the command line.

i really like this idea. i was planning to learn JavaScript over the summer. But i got tired after learning a little HTML and CSS.

Interesting idea!

very good wow!