Japanese test

So to keep this short. I have made great strides when it came to my language learning process and I am now taking the JLPTN1. For those who do not know this is the most difficult of Japanese tests that most of Japan can’t pass. So far, I have been hearing that it is entirely impossible to do in under a year, so I have decided to try and do it in under three months.
Long story short it is a month later and I have a lot more to go through, but again great strides none the less. I have about 2,000 more words to learn, but I am committed to continuing my journey of putting in 100 new words every day. Honestly it only takes like an hour or two and I can use them in the proper context. The problem I was feeling before was that I thought I didn’t understand how to use the words that I was learning, but that was because my listening skills weren’t as high as they are now and I can hear every sound that comes from their mouth. So needless to say, I have a long road to go down, but I have a mission and I do not intend to fail.

100 new words every day.
30 grammar points or so everyday
100 kanji every day.

I will update more.

How many words do you know? They say you need to at least 10 000 words and all 2000 or so jouyou kanji. Also, are you using mnemonics and the method of loci to memorize everything?
Thanks for reading.

I am sorry I am so late on this, for some reason they didn’t tell me I got this reply.
I lost count about how many words that I knew, because there were a great amount that I committed to memory and then there were a lot of words that I learned passively.
Just randomly, someone would say something, or I would hear something I heard four times just randomly and use Akebi (btw fantastic dictionary),

For the kanji, I used basic kanji book and then intermediate kanji book and then found more kanji by myself.
They give you a lot of examples and reading practice.
So you can go into everything in one place and it is very easy to understand.

With the words, I used pictures instead of mnemonics and I used a journey.
Like for 見つける- or mitsukeru, I put oven mitts on sherlock holmes with a magnifying glass because he is trying to find something. For 熱, or netsu, I made net soup. It was just a bowl with soup made of nets.
So the process is just something you will more than likely remember.

The Journey (this will sound weird) has about 500 loci points:
So I go up to my front doorstep, then I go into the house, make a left into the living room, and then go around into the dining room. From the dining room, I go into the kitchen, then to the side room.
From the side room, I down to the basement, loop around into the various different rooms, and then I have a secret elevator that takes me back up to the first floor.
From there I make my way up the stairs, then I turn into the bathroom, then into my bedroom, then the closet, then back outside, then to the linen closet, and then into my parents bedroom, and then into my brother bedroom, and then as I am about to reach the stairs, I take another secret elevator that brings outside.
From there, I do a loop around my backyard, then into the garage, then to the side of the house, then back into the back yard.
Then I go up my house, and climb up with different ones stacking on top.
As I am moving vertically I then circle around the roof, and then end up at the chimney, the chimney then has another secret elevator that takes me back down to the the front of the house.
From the front of the house, I then loop around the front yard, then into my neighborhood.
From there I turn left (in front of my house), and then go straight.
The journey ends around the second house on the block.
This is mainly because the dictionary of 500 words I was using finished.