Is this approach towards studies correct?

I need to read History, Geography, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Sociology, International Relations etc. and also practise Math for an exam. There are 3-4 books which I’ll be covering for each subject. I have devised a strategy based on whatever I could gather about learning from this forum and a few books.

Step 1 - Build a memory palace of around 1000 loci at least and segregate it according to subjects.
Step 2 - Read the text, understand it and highlight.
Step 3 - Make notes/summarise every chapter. It’s basically a combination of SQ3R and Cornell notes. Use mind maps, if required.
Step 4 - Keep filling your loci with these notes.
Step 5 - Review using spaced repetition.
Step 6 - Test yourself.
Meanwhile, keep on stocking loci.

Please clarify the following doubts -
Q1) Should I visualise while reading as well?
If yes, can I have a common room/journey which I keep just for immediate learning? Eg- reviewing a chapter using visualisation. What could be a better approach?

Q2) Should I visualise while sitting in class and taking notes?
Q3) While memorising mind maps do you place them in your palace or memorise the map itself in a clockwise/anti clockwise pattern?
Q4) How do I memorise physical geography maps with rivers, mountains, plateaus etc?
Q5) I read a lot of articles online and make notes out of them. Should I start reviewing every information I read, immediately using the common room?

Please suggest changes in this strategy!

Memory palaces take time to build especially if you are going to have 1000+ locations. You need to make sure you have all the locations for the palaces are solid before you start memorizing or at least the palace you are going to currently use. I think a mistake you are making is assuming you need to use memory palaces for all of the information. Not all information needs a memory palace. Here is a video I made explaining how to remember a country’s name and geographical location:

This method doesn’t need a memory palace so it saves time from creating locations. It is hard to tell exactly what would be the best from my view since I don’'t know what you are learning.

The link is not working. Can you please post it again?