Is there a better way to memorize texts?

I recently wrote an article for a classical singer blog that may prove interesting for folks here:

Brilliant blog, Gwyner! Loved it.


That is an interesting tip about going backwards. I am currently working on memorizing scripts, and outlines of speeches. I have not done this type of thing very much at all. When people give a speech they rarely forget the beginning- focusing on how to get to the end I feel would be psychologically beneficial !

Nice blog post! :slight_smile:

You could try to memorize texts with It uses typing and kinesthetic memory to help you memorize. It also helps with quizzing yourself.

Here’s an example of how it works using the Gettysburg Address:

You can change the settings to make it work by typing the first letter of each word, or typing the full word.

Hope that helps!

This is interesting, but it doesn’t really seem to help with the biggest problem I have. Which is knowing which word I’m supposed to be using out of several similar words that mean approximately the same thing. And even worse when it comes to older texts where they might use a construct or word that people no longer use.

AFAICT, this is a common assumption that if you remember the meaning of the sentence that you much necessarily remember which words were used. I’m not sure if I’m looking at it incorrectly, or if there’s a trick, but this doesn’t really seem to save that much time.

This comes closest to what I have to memorize All suggestions welcome