Is Living Light a new kind of light in this memory system?

I have thought of a memory system in when visualising people use living light instead of ordinary light.And that living light is a hologram of a face which repeats the text that you are memorising in its own voice(And this voice is decided by you).And not only this living light can keep on increasing and decreasing the size of a peg or the pegs over which it is placed for a long or short time and also the living light can also perform an action with an object(which is obtained by converting the first letter of a word that is difficult to be memorised into an object.And at last if you want to use this memory technique with the Journey method then you can as an example imagine the living light over a peg whose size is being increased and decreased with the living light speaking the words which you are memorising and peforming an action with an object which has been obtained by converting the first letter of a hard word into an object.
Note-I think that living light is a new type of light just as the living ship as in No Man’s Sky.