Is level 10 in each ML event achievable by a hobbiest?

My main motivation for being here is scholastic, but I’m enjoying playing ML. Is level 10 in each event possible for someone only doing it as a hobby?




Aren’t we all kind of doing it as a hobby (or at least most of us, even if we somtimes compete)? :slight_smile: Nonetheless, I think it is definitely doable for the average person. Of course it will be a bit harder for some disciplines, but it should be possible even if it takes some time to get there! :slight_smile:

To break it down, in order to reach level 10 you need to be able to memorise the following within 60 seconds:

  • 44 Cards
  • 26 Images
  • 13 International Names
  • 18 National Names
  • 70 Numbers
  • 28 Words

Is there any specific discipline where you are doubting that you can reach there? :slight_smile:


Well, my long term goal is 2 minutes in speed cards because I figured that was fast enough to not bore someone if I want to show off. However, I see that’s equivalent to about level 8. So, I figured I could shoot for level 8 in each event but now I’m wondering if I’m setting my sights too low since I’ve already beat level 7 in names and images after only a few days of minimal trying.

Since I’m pretty new to this, I just have no real conception of what kinds of benchmarks are possible for the average person.


I think that sounds like some great goals to have! You can always start with level 8 as a goal and then re-adjust it once you reach it. I’m personally a fan of incremental goals like that. :slight_smile:

It’s fun that you mentioned the deck of cards in 2 minutes. Perhaps you are already aware, but memorising a deck of cards in 2 min used to be one of the 3 criteria to become a Grandmaster of Memory. That might sound HUGE, but it’s really something that is doable and I think it’s a great first benchmark to aim for!

And as I mentioned before, not every discipline will be equally hard to reach level 10. Images is usually the easiest. Names can be more or less hard depending on your natural inclination for it. Numbers & Cards is mainly based on the amount of training you do. But sooner or later you’ll definitely be able to reach your goals! If I had to guess what takes the longest to reach for a newcomer (assuming an equal work load), then I’d probably say 44 Cards in under a minute. However, it’s usually also one of the things that many people practice the most, because it’s kind of fun and a cool benchmark. :smiley:


Names and images are the easiest for me. I’m on level 9 for images and 8 for names. I’m to the point with everything where I need no distractions to pass, which is hard for me to find with a 5 and 3 year old in the house. Haha.

It’s going to be slower from here because I don’t have much time to train distraction free.

What were the other two criteria for a memory grandmaster?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found an article with the three criteria. I won’t have the time to test myself on an hour event until my kids go to college! Ha!

10 decks of Cards in 1 hour and 1000 numbers in 1 hour.


I somewhat feel that if I remain consistent that I can break into the top 100 by my 40th birthday (one year and one month from now). I don’t have a ton of time to train, but consistency will in in the end. This is my new long term goal! Im not sure if this is 100% realistic as I dont know how hard it is to get points after you reach level 10 in everything. I would have to get an additional 1100 points to break through top 100 as it currently stands. Might be too much and require more work than would be enjoyable.

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