Is anyone interested in learning thai?


I am interested in learning thai, having already searched the forums there is some good information on the language but seeing if any active members are interested in learning the language with me starting asap, I’ve just moved to Bangkok and have created a plan to learn Thai but would be great if anybody is interested to learn with me.

I have not been involved with the forum very long and work on memory techniques is relatively new to me but I’m progressing every day.

The general idea is to create mnemonic flash cards using anki, I have paid for ‘learnthaipodcast’ which has many sound recording pronunciations that can be used on the flash cards and using some of the memory techniques found in ‘how to remember anything-Mark Channon’ to memorise the information faster. Going to start with 10 words a day and when I’ve found the flow that works for me increase the number and along side that practice speaking everyday, learning the alphabet and reading books I already know in thai. Apart from that I’m all ears!

This is my first time learning a language so if anybody has any insight or tips on thai that is new to the forums that would be most appreciated.

Kob Kun Krab!

I’d love to learn Thai.

when I learn a new language I use the same system as you do. Learn 10 words a day and no more.

learning 10 words a day = 300 words a month = 3600 words a year!
If you don’t give up and learn 10 words a day for a full year, you should be very fluent in any language.

Good luck.