Is a world record 5 seconds in Speed Cards possible wth this Synesthesia?

The Method Description-

Asing a slot from 1 to 5 to a person’s head,hands and feet(As there are 5 of them in total),

And now imagine Aperson who’s has two fists,
now imagine that the person’s fists have now turned into objects of a 2 card system and that the same things is happening to his head and feet.

You will get the complete image of a hybrid of objects and man with 5 ordered peg storage locations with

  • The capacity to store 5 cards witha 1 card system

  • 10 cards with a 2 card system

  • 15 cards with a 3 card system,

Synesthesia - Imagine that after you see 5 cards you see an image of a man(That man with objects in his hand,head and feet) and this thing happens for 5 times for your deck of cards .

10 cards with a 2 card system

And with that system you have 50 cards and because this synesthesia is a very long lasting synesthesia you see those images for half an hour and store the remaining 2 images in your memory,

Will you be able to set a world record with this by quickly turning the cards and getting images without you having to create them as in PAO or a 2 card system which will always give you the same images for the same numbers?,

I believe that this will be possible only if an image is created with this system for every 10 cards in 1 seconds and those images last for atleast 30 seconds(Which is possible for their transfer from short term memory to long term memory?)

You can PM me if you are interested in developing 5 fold synesthesia or the Speed Cards in a Flash Synesthesia(Which is the name I will give to this sysnesthesia If the answers to my question in bold is Yes),



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Can you explain the Science behind your comment?

I will like to know how you made this comment scientifically, As there must be science in it,


Have a Good Day.

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The only thing your suggested method does is to replace a normal journey through e.g. a house, with a journey along people’s limbs (head, hands, feet etc). You’re not actually encoding “10 cards in 1 image” (for people with a 2 card system). From all the knowledge we have from memory sports, using a normal journey is vastly superior to using body routes (I don’t know of a single top memory athlete that uses body routes for speed).

Your description of the synesthesia aspect is also not logical. You’re essentially implying that the combined trigger of 10 Cards (of which there are more than 50 quadrillion combinations = +50’000’000’000’000’000) would make a specific image pop up in your head.

To thus suggest that this method should be able to be twice as fast as the current best times in the world is quite ludicrous. :sweat_smile:


I did not describe that synesthesia accurately in the accurate version of that synesthesia in which heads, hands and feet are transformed into objects one by one(For the for the first two cards one object can appear in that person’s head and so on according to this sequence,However I am not sure whether this will still be scientific? :thinking:,


Have a Good Day.

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In addtion to what others have said, to my understanding, this is far from what synesthesia is. This is just the same kinds of association as we already do.

synesthesia is an involuntary triggering of seconday sensory pathways. Transforming bodyparts into images, no matter how natural it comes to you, is no synesthesia, it is more similar to visualization.


10 cards in 1 sec is such an impossible task.

Even current top memory athlete able to change 2 or 3 cards in 1 sec.
By 2 card and pao system and some other system users (with many efforts and practice)

Scientifically answer - for converting 2 cards in 1 image requires 2704 pre-made images and if you add block system , but still you have to make 1352 premade images for cards and lot of practice.

If you go through pao system, then you require 300 images , isn’t it very less compared to above method.
Because of the less amounts of images required in pao system, by little practice you will be able to concert 3 cards in 2 sec in the beginning.

And if you make your pao correctly and practice regularly (but requires lots of practice and efforts if you really wanna do this and mad to this) you will be able to do this in 1 sec in Memory League.
For memorizing physical cards you have to move cards very fastly so you have to practice this too (atleast 1 time in a day regularly)

Conclusion - your approach seems like totally unscientific , 10 cards in 1 sec.
Think again about this method carefully and then comment what you got.


There is memory to trigger synesthesia and so there can be a synesthesia and because of this I believe that a synesthesia in which a person will get strong visual images by just thinking of the number and name of 2 cards is possible which can be an object that may be able to be placed on a person.

And is synesthesia in which a person will get strong visual images by just thinking of the number and name of one card possible ?

As I think that if that is synesthesia is possible for 1 card and it can also be possible for 2 or more cards.

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There’s a lot of experiments that proved no one can can have ideal multitasking skill. Instead they just swap tasks so quick, resulting in a illusion of multitasking. You can argue that multitasking is exist. But what I want to say to set a world record in cards (5s) is nothing about card system anymore!!!
It is all about how fast you can read instead of storing memory given that the card memorisation geniuses knows their card system throughout! :rofl:

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In the end they will all be converted into images and I believe that the brain has the capacity to do even more than this,

Standing near my room I can see about 52 books or even more books in my table and that is the number of images a person with a 1 card system will need for a deck of cards if I can see about about 52 images per second by looking at my table alone then why can’t a person create 10 images per second(which may get even easier with computes which show 5 cards for half a second,

In short if everyone whom I know can see that table(with about 52 books) in a second then why can’t anyone create 10 images in 1 second which is 5x lesser the amount of images and If I can see more than double that number of images then why can’t I create 10 times less,

Note- I am not saying that I will do It but I am giving an example and if such a synesthesia is possible then I think that almost anybody or anybody can do that(Look at 10 card images in 1 second not memorize them as we people do not memorize all the images that we see),

Maybe my language was not so good but I these were the example aghat I thought of and I hope that next time I will not be thinking of those example and I will try,



May be synesthesia helped a great memorizer set the European record for memorizing 22514 digits of Pi !

And he also memorized those numbers in 5 hours

Futher Reading is below which may convince some that it is possible to memorize quickly with Synesthesia and may and may also be proof for the same -

Because looking is not the same as memorizing or recognition.

If I showed you a tree for 1 second, could you tell me how many leaves the tree had?

When you are looking at a table with 52 things, your brain is not creating 52 images. It is creating one image or a few.

Daniel Tammet does not have synesthesia. He could turn it “off” when he was trying to memorize cards in blackjack. He also lied about entering a memory competition.

I have synesthesia and you can’t turn it off.


Edit- Credit to a forgotten website for the information below-

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses. … Synesthetes can often “see” music as colors when they hear it, and “taste” textures like “round” or “pointy” when they eat foods.

  • A memory techinque-synthesia in which each deck of card is asinged with a quickly speakable sound

  • We can speak 200-300 words per minute which may potentially have more than 1 sound

  • I think that we can pronounce sounds faster than we can speak words which consists of sounds.

  • Each time a sound is pronounced the speaker of that sound can see a picture

  • it may be possible to make that picture last for 10-30 minutes.

*If it is possible that person can read those images in his mind and then convert them into numbers.

And since synesthesia is real and based on the meaning of synesthesia I think that the above points are possible excluding the sixth point which I am wating to know whether it is possible,

And 30 minutes is more than enough for converting many images into decks if cards,

Or that person can make a made up word with 5 sounds and then pronounce that word to ‘see’ a single image at the se time he or she is hearing it, Overtime it should become automatic if it is possible which I believe it is based on my knowlage of the meaning of Synesthesia,


Have a Great Day.

If its image will stay in my mind for long enough and I will be able to count with 100% accuracy then I will,

And 30 minutes is more than enough for decoding the exact image encoding 10 cards although the recall will be slow but I believe that the accuracy of decoding and the time taken to recall will also improve with practice,



Yea but you can’t. That’s the point. The brain can’t do that in 1 second. Not even my brain can. I can only count up to 50 things in 1 second, may be 100.

How is this faster than looking at something and converting it to an image? Looking is faster than pronunciation. And the world record in cards with looking is nowhere near 5 seconds.

Let’s suppose I have to memorize only 10 numbers then I will not use any memory techniques , I will simply use my short term memory to memorize those number. (I directly focused to see all 10 numbers in one 1 sec , and I tried this method and proved.)

But If you give me a sheet of paper contains 10 numbers , and again give me other 10 numbers and again.
I will not able to memorize all.
Because I can do this only 1 time, but after 5 to 10 sec, I forgot that 10 numbers. So if I have pen , I can directly write on the spot.

Like in your approach , you are trying to convert 10 cards in 1 sec , but this is different case - you have to watch all 10 cards 5 times in a row.

And card contains 2 things - suit pair and card number
So you have to focus on both of the things at the same time.
Let’s suppose you practiced very very hard and you are able to memorize 10 cards in your short term memory after seeing 10 cards in 1 sec.
But this isn’t working 5 times in a row.

But still , it’s not possible (I have nothing to convince you , it’s your choice - If you think you can do this by your mentioning technique , do your best)

How ?

Previously people believed that the brain could not calculate more than 16 digits in a second but Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash does it and he is the winner of a Mathamatics Olypiad,

Can you post any research on the brain or the way it works which can be chaged is not fast enough to do so,


Have a Great Day.

  • I think that a card or a group of 5 cards can be converted into an image by just looking at it’s image and while some other people may object but I believe that the brain does not care if the brain is forced to do that it will do it-That is what I had thought a few seconds ago!.

@Boris it is likely that this will be the last time I am asking you to comment but as you can tell whether this synesthesia is possible or not as you are a scientist,

Can you give a binary response explaning why,

So that the possibility of the existence of such synesthesia can be proved or disproved ?,

If it is proved then it will show me the edge of the limits of the mind and with the unlimited power of the human mind I am sure the brain can do this,

If it is disproved then I will need to think of another way to use the unlimited power of the human mind to make this possible,


Have a Good Day.

Look up subitizing. Without counting, most people can only recognize 5 things. Only a few people have increased subitizing range, like savants.

You are overestimating a lot of these people you keep mentioning. Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash is not the best in the world as he never went up against people like Jeonghee lee or Marc Jornet Sanz.

You also overestimate synesthesia. I have synesthesia and it is not as easy to work with as you think. For example, I recently found out that I cannot create a PAO system because it interferes with my synesthesia. It’s hard for me to picture a different meaning, or picture in this case, to a number because of my synesthesia.

This is also a common thing among other people with synesthesia.

Synesthesia is also not instantly, it can take time to process something. When I memorize numbers I chunk them into groups that I feel is right. This is not consistent because numbers are random.

For example:


I would memorize 2847294428 as: 284, 729, 4428.

But I would get stuck at 51208418 because chunking those numbers into 3 or 4 digit chunks is not right to me and I have to wait for my brain to figure out how to chunk these numbers.

So after some time thinking I chunk that number as: 51 million, 208 thousand and 418. An example of an 8 digit chunk. This is far from fast.

Your method does not work for someone like me with true synesthesia, it wouldn’t change anything.