is a memory palace necessary?

So, I’ve been looking around the forum and I can’t seem to find a concrete answer…

Do you think using the method of loci is necessary to successfully retain large amounts of vocab?

Or can one do just as well learning the vocab through mnemonics and anki?

Btw, I plan on memorising over 10 000 words within the next month. Yes, I do think its possible. My only problem is that I keep doubting whether or not I should use loci. Having to prepare 10 000 loci…is a pain to say the least. Its tiring, but I will do it if it is, indeed, necessary.

Thanks for reading



No matter how much of a pain it is to make, I still feel that using memory palaces is the best way to go. Mnemonics is good but I don’t think that its enough to use by itself.

I guess I’ve become comfortable using them in conjunction to learn my characters, as I’ve memorised just under 2000 within 2 months as a total beginner. But using memory palaces means that my pace will be slowed down…but hopefully since I “know” about 3000 words in my target language already, the first few stages should go without a hitch.


Just to clear one thing up quickly. The method of loci is a mnemonic. I just wanted to let you know haha

Here is the thing with vocab. You never know when you will need a word so you should learn the vocab based on this principle. Here is a video where I explain the method:

The method of loci is good for organizing information but you would need 10000 locations to store all of those words. That is a lot of memory palaces! It will take time to build them all but you would be able to practice reviewing the words whenever you want.

At the end of the day, you need to review a good amount regardless of what method you use since you have a lot of vocab.

True, I will need a lot of loci, but I use movies and can now get as much as 450 to 500 of loci in a movie. So it shouldn’t take that much time to prepare but it is tiring. I find its more tiring to prepare the loci than it is to memorise the needed info. I also don’t mind the reviewing, I enjoy it actually, so that’s no problem. I’ll also be using the language in everyday situations soon, so that will also help.

Thanks for replying. I truly appreciate it.