Is 1-Card System viable?

Hi there, i’m kinda new to memory techniques, when I first learnt how to memorize a deck of cards I used 1 card image system and I placed 2 images per loci. I quickly changed over PAO because I read It was faster but the results were not that good (like 8 minutes per deck which is not that bad for a newbie anyway) . So I returned back to 1 card/ image system (approx 1 week ago) and started getting 5 minutes time. During this week I practiced a lot and yesterday I got a PB of 90.74s for a perfect deck (avg 100s). It felt really great but then I talked with a champion that told me to switch back to pao as soon as possible. Idk what to do because I know that sooner or later I will need to change to a more advanved technique to keep lowering times and It will be harder to make this change in the future because my brain will be super familiar with my actual method if I keep using it. On the other hand , I believe I could get good times also using this method, but I’m not sure… Are there any guys that use this beginner method for speed cards but also for like 1 hour deck of cards?

What do you think I should do? Change method later? My goal is (sooner or later) to compete

Hi, justspells!

I am also new in the game, and I am getting about the same times as you using one image per card. I only put one image per loci, so I can “run” faster between loci. I did some research regarding the PAO system and other systems, and interestingly a tidbit was dropped by Allex Mullen during an interview with Nelson Dellis. I am not sure about posting links, so search on YouTube for this title: Nelson Dellis’ MIND SHOW - Alex Mullen // 2015 World Memory Champion.

Alex uses a complicated system, but he talked about a Chinese competitor that won the 1-hour card event. If I remember correctly, Alex said, the Chinese MA used a one-card system.

From this, I think what is essential is to be honest about where you are slow, seeing the image associated with the card, placing it at a locus, or running through your palace. Work on making that faster. Once you have learned those skills, they are transferable when you decide to change systems later.

Excellent interview worth a watch.

PAO takes more time to get used to. So the fact that you get slower times at first is pretty normal.

I started out with PAO for speed cards, but I eventually switched back to a 1 person per loci system for that. It is easier for me.

I rarely do more than one deck (I don’t do competitions), but for a long string of numbers (uses the same system as cards for me) I do use my full PAO. The images have less repetition that way.

Furter more, there is some nuance based on what you want to do. If you want to be a memory champion, odds are that you might need to tailor any system to your own mind. If you want to memorize as much as possible, systems that let you put as much information in one spot as possible are your friend. If you just like doing it, pick a method you also like doing.

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Thank you all, I watched the interview and yes, that guy used a 1-card system for the 1 hour card event, but even Alex Mullen was surprised that he got that result, I should probably try multi-decks memo and see how it goes, but just by thinking about it, if I have 20 decks I will have 52 images that repeat 20 times and it’s hard to believe that I wont get confused.

I will try again pao, this time spending more time to judge it but I’ll keep my 2 digit system for numbers (so no pao) and I’ll eventually move to a 3 digit one when I’ll be more experienced. I hope to get great results with pao to avoid creating a 2 card system that is waaaay more complex to master

I use a 1-card system, with a 52-stage journey, for speed cards. However, I’ve never got beyound 30 seconds.

It’s all about speed of translation.

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The main down side of a 1 card system is when you have multiple decks, you get repeat images. You might recall the wrong order of a deck because you jumped to a different palace due to having the same image appear over and over.

Something like a PAO has less repetition in it since you have a lot of combos. This is the reason I did a PAO because the similar images of a 1 card system kept distracting me. Granted, you may have a person repeat when using a PAO but they are usually doing something different. I have never had the same full image of a PAO ever repeat during an hour card event or training.

At the end of the day, practice is the most important thing that matters. Practice over memory systems. Find a system you like and roll with it. Maybe the images repeating in a 1 card system won’t bother you. The great thing about a PAO is you can always just use the person to memorizing cards or numbers. You aren’t required by law, well at leas in Colorado, to use your full PAO haha

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Yeah that’s the issue, I know I could keep using the 1 card system for speed cards, but I want to use the same system for longer events as well so, because I dont like PAO, I decided to build a 3 digit system and complete it to make a shadow system with mallow adjustement. It will take a long time to build and master it but I think its the best choice, at least for me

Go for it! Whatever works for you best! How are you going to create your 3 digit system?

Using major system + some adjustements because I’m italian. You english native tongue guys are lucky, you have sites that convert words instanctly ;(

When I started memory training, I used DOminic System. I used to memorize deck of cards using 52 images. But as I get familiar with the system, it gets compressed. From 52 locations, I use 7 locations. I put 4 pairs of images per location. Though i cannot discount the fact you have a good record using 1 card system, but learning a new system will really take time.I am using dominic system for 2 months, and i don’t try to look on other systems because it might confuse me which is better.
My advice is to try memorizing 2 decks or longer numbers and see if it really viable.