inverting mouse axes

A while back, I became interested in learning to be ambidextrous. A first step towards that was switching to using the computer mouse with my left hand. This was pretty easy and seemed natural after a week or two.

Then I wondered what other changes I could make to the manipulation of the mouse. I discovered that I could swap the x and y axes, invert the direction of movement on one or both, or any combination of these things. Thus I have experimented with all possible combinations, forcing my brain to learn a different association between the physical movement and effect it produces.

It really takes no time at all to get used to the new movement pattern, and once you have learned one, it’s much easier to when you switch back to it after a while.

Just thought someone might find this interesting.

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A brain can pretty quickly adapt to new conditions like change of enviroment, danger or external change in body. They are able to create new connections between nerve cells. Brain can easily disconnect, reconnect and make new neurons if it is needed.

The more you do something, the better get.
This is one of the greatest things about human mind. You just create a need and your brain will adapt.