New Member: Mayur, India.

I started my Memory journey 2 months back. I started forgetting daily tasks, names of people I knew, points discussed in meetings and almost everything.

After watching Mega Memory by Kevin Trudeau I took the practice more seriously. Then I read “Remember It by Nelson Dellis”, which explained everything in detail. Now I practice daily for 1-2 hours.

I am ready to help if someone needs and I also need help from pro league players to beat my own records.

I am practicing memory techniques on Memory League.

Thank you. Let’s boost memory of each other.



Your welcome in the forum Mayur.
If you need any help , feel free to ask.

Edit: Can you tell me one thing, do you know hindi?
Because many indian players I meet here said they don’t know hindi.


@Rajadodve786 yes. I know hindi. And thanks for your support in learning. I need it.