So, I’m a newbie at memory techniques, and I’d love to learn more. What I’ve read so far sounds extremely intriguing, and my brief experimentation with the method of loci worked so well that I’m fascinated and I want to give this a good solid try.

I’m here as much for my 5 year old daughter as I am for me. I am homeschooling her, and she’s not doing well in math because she may have a bit of a memory issue. I’ve been trying to get her to memorize simple addition problems so that she can speed up her calculations (she understands the concept just fine, but it takes her forever to add or subtract one-digit numbers), and it doesn’t seem to “stick” for her doing it the regular way.

Has anyone tried teaching these memory techniques to a child? How has it worked out for them?


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For your daughter, perhaps she doesn’t pay attention to the numbers because they don’t seem interesting, and for this reason she doesn’t remember them.

When I was 4, the teachers thought I had a coordination issue because I couldn’t catch a ball when people would throw it to me. Turns out that I just didn’t care about the ball, but when there was a reward to this “game” of catching the ball, I was totally fine.

For something simple like the single digit additions (and subtractions) it’s really just repetition. If your daughter is slow, maybe she is counting through the numbers (e.g. 4 + 7 = five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven) rather than retrieving them from memory. You don’t need a memory palace for that, just to be familiar with seeing the numbers (not hearing them; that’s harder for a child as converting between sound and image for a number is a new and separate skill) and to practise recalling the additions.

It may also take more time for a kid than for an adult.