Introduction sahil reza india


Hey everyody,
I am a curious teenager who was dealing with depression and all my life was messed up until my doctor gave me this book ‘moonwalking with einstien’ and i got a new way to live my life by practising memory technique.

I already have posted few things and i am preparing for med school.
I also have a great interest in synesthesia and meditation and i am trying to find a method for acquiring synesthesia and related research in which mr josh cohen has already helped a lot , hope so he will help me in the future but overall i am grateful for his help.
Hope so my writing didn’t dissapoint you and i am very excited to be a part of a great cmmunity.
Hope you guys will help me:yum:

(Mike Crowl) #2

Well done. Yes, Foer’s book is very encouraging. I’ve just re-read it.
I can’t help you with synesthesia but I encourage to keep on pushing forward.