Introduction of myself + my own cognition explosion methods to share for all

My name is James, 27 yr, savant-idiot/mild/high functioning schizophrenic (quite the duality lol) for now, at least :wink:

Hobbies, talents, passions, contributions :slight_smile:

  1. Fire dancer/performer
  2. EDM producer
  3. Heavily involved in eastern traditions and meditation
  4. I have done a staggering amount of acts of service to the whole world despite an often tormenting life.

Gifts for members here

3-d visualized mind mapping utilizing all 5 senses, and for those into non-duality/ magic/ eastern stuffs, infinite senses using consciousness/ the soul.

A better version is doing this in a lucid dream every night without being bound by the limits of conventional reality. In theory you can stretch time radically and imprint the results of the mind mapping in your dreams in your brain in dream time. If you forget your dream, 3-d mind map to remember.

telling your brain to automatically generate the mantra “my creativity is increasing” upon each inhale/exhale = constant explosion of creativity and it takes little practice and anyone can do it. This mantra tricks your brain into constantly increasing creativity.
You can do this with memory affirmations, intelligence affirmations, or whatever you want. Highly versatile.

Most of these ideas are theoretical as my extremely neurodegenrative frame of mind makes it hard to make lasting changes or enjoy most things, for now at least.

Aside from the creativity mantra (i call it breath affirmations) which I have tested extensively and works like a charm. Because of severe brain damage it is light years beyond the difficulty it would be for the average human being,

Anyway, glad and grateful to be a member of this forum. Cheers!


Clarify the breath mantra. Full cycle inhale/exhale and recite or inhale/recite and exhale/recite or none of the above :thinking:.

Sounds brilliant.Help!

This is all you have to do
Mentally say “I am telling my brain to generate the sentence “my memory is increasing” every time I breathe”
Your brain will do the work for you! That is all!
The sentence will float around in your head every time you breathe in or out.
That’s what you will see.

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Saying this out loud works the same!

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I recommend trying in lucid dreams, you can do memory training in them and see results in daily life and use the breathe affirmations to remember your dreams to instill the results even more! Thats 8 extra hours a day!

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Hey thanks…very simple!

Hey James, sorry to hear about your difficulties. Hope you are doing well.

The idea of using telling your brain to do something on every breath, and 3D mind mapping with all senses are both interesting. I’m wondering if there’s any more techniques/ideas you can share or brain dump?

3-d dual n back. They won’t let me posts links on here so just google it, theres a free version u can use online that should come up in the first few results.

Hello James, can you share your methods with us within another topic. I wonder lucid dreams and your other methods.

@naturale Hello James, hope you are doing OK. I am still wondering your techniques. Do you mind sharing them?
Is this the Dual N Back? It’s interesting.

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no this is the one 3D Dual N-Back

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