Intro and speech memory techniques

Hi there, My name is Ay, I am from Brooklyn, NY USA.
I am a father of 6, business man and a long time public speaker.

I am hoping to improve my memory skills to help me become an even more dynamic speaker.

I learned about memory techniques 20 years ago by reading The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas.

As someone with a horrific memory the book and practice helped greatly but I am interested in becoming even better. Much better.

My log term goal is to memorize a seven minute speech verbatim. That’s @1,100 words.

I know it should be easy to to memorize just the outline of the speech which would be 5 general points of the speech.
2-3 sub points for each general point.
And to scatter in the speech up to 6 quotes on a specific topic, 3 statistics and 4 short stories.
Yet that has proven challenging mostly because of the anxiety related to speaking in public.

Ultimately, I would like to memorize a pre-written speech word for word.

I was hoping someone would have a good suggestion to set me on the road to accomplishing my goals.

Either way, glad to be part of this great group.



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Some good places to start are the getting started guide, the #faqs, and the #verbatim-text discussions.

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Thanks Josh.
Already started and will continue.
Some great material out there.