International Names, The Purge Challenge

The International Names PURGE Has begun. The Warmup stage has finished.

This week, the goal is 10 names! Lets go.

Last Signup time, is at 5th Jan 2020, 11:59pm (GMT -11)

From the beginning of the warmup stage to the end of this week, the Challenge is at 10 names.

So far we have these participants.


Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk :seedling:

Sven Wetzel🌱

Jan Zoń🌱

Clay Knight🌱

Tomas Derville🌱

Léo Lebarque🌱

Kevin Schulz🌱

Patrick Dufour🌱

:mage:‍♂ Art Of Memory

Oscar4 - Oscar🌱




:muscle:And, all whom have done 10, or above are here so far:

Jan-Hendrik Büscher🔥

Braden Adams🔥

John Graham🔥

Boris Nikolai Konrad🔥

Katie Kermode🔥

Ksenia Samotiy🔥

Sanchit Sharma🔥

Sylle Arvidieu🔥

Minh Duy🔥

Simon Reinhard🔥

Matthew Wilson🔥

Art Of Memory:

Simon Orton🔥







Rajadodve786 - Raja🔥


:crown:30 Champions so far.

Thank all of you who are taking a part of this​:pray::sparkles::trophy:



my score is 3 in 23 seconds

i i want to sign up

getting better
stage 1 3
stage 2 4
stage 3 5
stage 4 7
stage 5 7
improving i cant do screenshot

Finaly did it, and celebrated with playing Compete matches.
Alittle bit of funny, I and l look alike; It was Ioan and not Loan hahahha
The I(i) is slightly shorter than the l(L).

@Abijot_Sohi Just post a picture of you doing International names. That is all you have to do.
If you want to progress to the next week also, you have to do 10 or more names.
Would be fun to have you on with us!

Finally i did it and reached in level 9. Now I am very excited for next level. Because I have 2 more trials left.


Yeey, great Raja! You are almost getting ready for the next Challenge score! =)

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a screenshot tutorial here: How to take a screenshot (free)

its ok i got it

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