International Names Purge Memory Challenge Week III

:star::star::star:Week 3 of International Names Challenge, has already begun!!!:star::star::star:
16 Names is the Aim.
This was a rough week with many goodbyes. Surprisingly enough many of you that were cruising at 13 Names. Surprisingly enough many of you that were cruising at 13 Names. 14 Champs has successfully being able to do the score.
Some highlights done last week. Strong scores were done also in Week II !

It is only getting tougher, with an increase of 3, for a few weeks.

(Has Been:)
10(Week I)-13(Week II)

16(Week III) <-------------

(Coming up:)
19(Week IV) - 22(Week V) - 26(Week VI) - 30(Week VII)
Final week, Last remaining.

Last time to post, or score being made:
Sunday 19th Jan, 11:59 PM, (GMT-11)/ (PST-3)/ (UTC-11),

After that the next week begins. So you can just comment down here or wait for the new Week Post.
:muscle:Warriors standing strong:

Simon Reinhard :fire::fire:(27)
sfep :fire::fire:(14) ( on Art Of Memory )
Guillaume Petit-Jean :fire::fire::fire: (17)
Sylle Arvidieu :fire::fire::fire:(17) ( on Art Of Memory )
Jan-Hendrik Büscher :fire::fire:(27)
Matthew Wilson :fire::fire:(14)
Boris Nikolai Konrad :fire::fire:(13)
John Graham :fire::fire:(14)
Sanchit Sharma :fire::fire:(13)
Jan Zoń :fire::fire:(15)
Daniel Evans :fire::fire:(13)
Ksenia Samotiy :fire::fire:(13)
Katie Kermode :fire::fire:(26)
Minh Duy :fire::fire:(13)

-The current standing score is written in parenthesis
“( )”

Those who cleared Week 2 :
( you can still climb higher!)


On Art of memory🎩:

Braden Adams :fire::seedling:(10)
Simon Orton :fire::seedling: (11)

SilvioB :fire::seedling: (10)

albinoblanke :fire::seedling:

Finwing :fire::seedling: (11)

BurningDesire :fire::seedling:(10)

Rajadodve786 - Raja :fire::seedling: (12)

Good job for coming all the way up to Week 2!

For those clearing Week 1 challenge:
Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk :seedling: (6 Names, 12:40s!!!)

Sven Wetzel🌱

Clay Knight🌱

Tomas Derville🌱 (10)

Léo Lebarque🌱

Kevin Schulz🌱 (8)

Patrick Dufour🌱 (6)

Art Of Memory🎩:

Oscar4 - Oscar🌱



abijot_Sohi :seedling: (7)


Their best score is written in parenthesis “( )”

:crown:32 Signups.
:trophy:14 Still climbing.

:ok_hand:Shoutout for those who have been doing 20 or above!

Guillaume Petit-Jean
Sylle Arvidieu
(Close with 19!)
Simon Reinhard (27):sparkler:
Katie Kermode (27):sparkler:
Jan-Hendrik Büscher (27):sparkler:

Leading score is shared by Katie Kermode and Jan-Hendrik Büscher, and Simon Reinhard with astonishing results of 27 Names. Fantastic👏
How will this go? Tune in to see!

During this challenge, a surprise awaits!:star:
-International Names Competition. Post will follow.

Thank all of you who are taking a part of this :pray::sparkles::rose:

-If any clarification needs to be done, do not hesitate to reach out