International Names Purge Memory Challenge, Week II

The wave is bigger! This Weekly memory challenge continues to rise by the week. Make sure to follow along each week, to still catch it. It has already swept over a few participants. 21 is still riding it.
International Names Purge Week 2 is on.

This week, the goal is 13 names! That is equal to Level 10 at International Names Event.

Last posting time, is at 12th Jan 2020, 11:59pm (GMT -11)

Now it is only getting tougher, with an increase of 3, for a few weeks.
10(Week I)-13(Week II)-16(Week III)-19(Week IV)-22(Week V)
26(Week VI)-30(Week VII)

:muscle:So far we have these Warriors:

Jan-Hendrik Büscher :fire::fire:(27)

Matthew Wilson​:fire::fire:(14)

Boris Nikolai Konrad :fire::fire:(13)

Guillaume Petit-Jean :fire::fire:(16)

John Graham​:fire::fire:(14)

Sanchit Sharma​:fire::fire:(13)

Jan Zoń:fire::fire:(15)

Daniel Evans​:fire::fire:(13)

Ksenia Samotiy​:fire::fire:(13)

Katie Kermode​:fire::fire:(26)

Braden Adams🔥

Minh Duy🔥

Simon Reinhard🔥

:tophat:Art Of Memory:

Sylle Arvidieu :fire::fire:(13)

Simon Orton🔥






Rajadodve786 - Raja🔥


Highlights from this week:
-Jan-Hendrik Büscher with 27 Names

:crown:32 Signups.
:trophy:21 Remaining.

How will this go? Tune in to see!

👌Shoutout for those who have been doing 20 or above!

Simon Reinhard (25)🎇
Katie Kermode (27)🎇

Jan-Hendrik Büscher (27)🎇

Leading score is held by both Katie Kermode and Jan-Hendrik Büscher, with astonishing results of 27 Names. Fantastic👏

During this challenge, a suprise awaits!:star:

Thank all of you who are taking a part of this​:pray::sparkles::rose:


needed one more


am i in the challenge?

my goal for week 2 oh yea i reached it

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You have increassed incredible fast on your scores.
Well, you missed the deadline, so unfortenetly, no.
No worries, more challenges will come in the future :slight_smile:


Remember to post your scores:

Simon Orton🔥





Rajadodve786 - Raja🔥

  • Even if you don’t beat the bar, it would still be fun to see how far you have come! It is more fun when you are actively participating :slight_smile: :fire:

I’m out, the bar is already too high for me.

Thanks for organizing the purge, it was a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Now it has started to get really tough, it is great that you participated. And, if you want, you could post the highest score you got, then I could include that in the next post.
-Also, in the future might be fun to review how it went last time :slight_smile:

I’m out - couldn’t get over 10 this week.