International Names 1-Day Competition!

:fireworks:This weekend is gonna be EPIC!:fireworks:

Something new that has never happend before is going to be held this weekend. 1-PM GMT Sunday, 19th Jan.

International Names Competition. A 1-day event. It will kinda be like the league, a fast competition where it could all be finished in a matter of few hours. It will look like this, in the beginning stages there will be 3 matches against each opponent, the winner climbes up until only two are left. At the finals it will be a 5 match showdown.

Like the picture shows down below.

-If enough intress is this weekend then ti will be done. Otherwise the next one, as: The End Of The Month Memory Challenge #1


Katie Kermode
Sanchit Sharma

Possible tuning in:
**Johannes Mallow **
Minh Duh

-If there are any questions, feel free to reachout!


How will the matches be organized? :slight_smile:

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It will be work like this:

So, a randomized system picking up, then the winner advances to the next round. So, for an example, the winner may go:
3-0, 3 win streak
2,5-0,5 2 wins and 1 draw
2-1 2 wins and 1 lose.

Then it will be based upon raiting the further matches, being paired up that way.
Based upon the amount of the players it will be more or lesser total rounds.
16 players would give ~4 rounds, 8 ~ 3 rounds.
-Which will make in total like 1-2hours in total.

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Alright, I’ll give it a try :smiley:

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I will definitely stream this on Twitch. Will see tomorrow morning if I also participate or just give some comments :smiley:


-We will start shortly, be prepared to tune in!

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@Abijot_Sohi I will give you a couple of more minutes, before we will begin without you.

At what time ???

Hey @BurningDesire! Let me know when you do this again, I would definitely want to try it out! I’m so excited for International names… hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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@BurningDesire , please let me know too :pray:

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I really would like to know the technique of how to remember international names as it is doesn’t make a sense.


-Think about this, this way. There is names from different countries-different Languages.
In each language the sounds and alphabet may differ. The sound melody of the language or the
When it comes to names, they are somewhat based upon how the language sounds. Also, another point to take away is that the way you would pronounce it would be completely wrong in a different language, such as Polish could be for a Swedish speaker.

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@Ocdmum It’s really quite similar to how you memory normal names (in your native language), but the names aren’t as intuitive and common. For example, I know many people named Charlie (and so have lots of images to relate to whoever’s face I’m triyng to remember). But, I don’t know many people named Hanayammeh, and so I cut the name into parts – such as Hana, a friend of mine, Yammeh reminds me of the food, and it tastes, “meh”, or not so good. Then I imagine the person standing next to Hana eating yam and only giving it a 5/10 (outrageous!).


Outrageous indeed, they should learn how to make a good Yammeh dish! :wink:

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Just to clarify for everyone, 1pm GMT is:


in your local time zone.

That’s midnight for me in Sydney - unfortunately I won’t make this one as I have a busy day tomorrow.

Hope everyone has fun!


That is fine, glad you tried to participate. Will try different times in the future!

Thank you so much for really clear advice. x

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