International Memoriad Las Vegas-2016


I live in Vegas and will be watching the Memoriad
event here in November for the first three days.

If any forum members are going to be competing
or just coming for other reasons, perhaps I can
help with questions about Vegas, housing, shows
restaurants, etc

Also, it would be great to meet any of you
who will be here.

Feel free to message me privately


Hi Iceman.

I am a forum member and I also compete in that Vegas contest, in 8 different categories (spread over in all 3 days).
I actually made another topic this year on Memoriad 2016:

Feel free to also check the above thread as well, because I included many related links.

But nevertheless, since you are a LV local, thanks a lot for your help offer with any related LV information.
I’m currently trying to figure out “how things work in Vegas”, mainly through some West Coast travel guides, so any further info on the city, is appreciated.

About 3-4 blocks away from the Fremont St. Experience, there is the venue of the competition called the “Western” (in Fremont St. 899). This MEMORIAD 2016 competition runs from Nov. 8 (yes, on the Election day!) til Nov.10; usually from 10 am to 6 pm every day. But there are other events until 10 pm (e.g some surprise categories or a Talent Show on Nov.9 evening, and also the awards ceremony on Nov 10 at 8pm).
So, I hope to see you guys there. Let’s make human memory great again.

Let’s hope for an interesting competition with many new records.

Regards and greetings to LV and South Nevada

P.S By the way, your nickname reminds me of either

  • George Gervin (legendary SA Spurs superscorer) or
  • the X-Men character or
  • the Dutch “Iceman:” Wim Hof who was featured in a “Superhuman” documentary.



Good luck in your efforts next month.

First, I would suggest that you limit your
walking in downtown Las Vegas to Fremont

During the day there is not much of interest
off that street and in the evenings, other
streets downtown are not safe.

Also, when you come out of your hotel you should
only walk west toward the Fremont St. Experience.
east on Fremont Street is not a good area, day or night.

The lunch and dinner buffets in the big hotels in
downtown Vegas are all good values.

There is bus service on Las Vegas Blvd to the Las
Vegas Strip. And no first trip to Vegas would be complete
without spending time on the Strip, walking around in and out
of those billion dollar hotels as well as people watching.

Hope that helps a little