Interference in Historical Dates?


I’m interested in memorizing the history of a particular subject. I have images for dates, and can make ones for the corresponding events, but was worried about interference in future usage of the date images. Do you think there would be interference if, after associating event images with date images in the history of this subject, I go on to associate those same date images with different event images for the history of a different subject?
I was planning on either using some sort of link system, or a palace in which a date image is placed at each locus, and an event image associated with each date image/locus. I assume a palace would cause less interference than a link system?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @cthoughts

Here I’m giving u a couple of options,try out whichever suits you.

Option 1:

Encode the event u want to memorize into an object(preferably) and identify different parts on it.

For eg. If its war related, the event image can be a Tank(really depends on how u encode ur data).

As u can see in the image , u can select different parts on it.

Going by your post,it seems, u already have the images for dates ready.
So,all u do is link the date image to any of the parts of the object(Tank).

Since you are linking the date image with an unique object(event image),u negate the possibility of data interference.

Option 2:

If for some reason, u are unable to encode the data into an object or are not good at encoding ,then try to find 2 parts in ur locus,or better still,try introducing a pre-memorized object in the locus itself.
The object can be anything(Toy,Trophy etc.) and then,just as in option 1, place the data on different parts of the object.

Hope this helps…Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your reply! Both sound like viable methods. Just anxious that I will use the date images once and won’t be able to associate them with future events because the old associations will keep popping up–– but if you’re saying that’s unlikely, that’s awesome.

Also,since ur subject concerns historical dates,I’d advise you to have some some kind of number associations always ready,as a back up in case there’s interference.

For eg, the number 20 can translate to:

  • 20th century fox
  • Matchbox Twenty(Music band)
  • 20 sectors on a dartboard

All of the above can provide you with an image that can be linked with a peg.

Here are some more examples:

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Thank you!!