Interesting Advice on Improving Note Taking And Recall in Academic Settings

I found this bit of advice from Jordan Peterson to be of interest. In essence he thinks that note taking during a lecture is typically just busy-work an not actually useful.

In this video Jordan Peterson: Don’t Take Notes During Lecture! he advises the following:

  1. Don’t take notes during the lecture itself.
  2. Shortly after the lecture ends, take notes on everything you can recall.

In his view, this keeps you focused on the lecture itself and helps improve your recall skills.

Likewise for academic texts:

  1. Read a few paragraphs.
  2. Close the book.
  3. Take notes on what you recall.
  4. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Bonus: in his video he references an essay he wrote on how to improve your writing but neglects to link to it in the video description. ThinkBig has a version of that essay: Ten Step Process for Stronger Writing.

Is anyone else using this or a similar method?